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But I met you because it was like this big fight going down in. Oh, and everyone's talking about this fight. And I was, I love you have see where where's this by. And then the fight didn't happen. Yeah, I had your out, right? Yeah, yeah. No, I know. Yeah, he really clearly. It was pretty funny though the time it was funny at the time, but you know, and then it's just like, you know, yeah, I just love it. He went to the park. I. I know you showed up. You guys know what we're talking about or. I did it the host of TRL the previous TRL Brennan. Like, what did he say? He you posted a picture of him making like a duck. His just like he does like thirsty and you're like, this is a comedian, and then he was like, mother fucker. You wanna fight me. Yeah. Hollywood park me. A bunch of people were like instigating it. And then he was like location and it was showed up, people were instigating, and I think that I think that my audience can ruined his life and I feel bad about like I do literally like it is something of my past that I like regret. Oh, I remember like this is back when like meltdown was so thing. I remember going to melt down the next day and like Beaubourg him was there. And he was like, hey, man, how does it feel ruining child's life. Oh, right. I should maybe reevaluate what I say child that says the n. word. Oh, God and all his tweets came up. Oh, you dead ruin it It all. all worked. What's that. Hey. -gratulations to actually. Yeah, yeah. That's the best thing I've got at Twitter. Our friends. We like we exchanged DM's. And then. And you said you were like you and Kevin Hart or my two favorite comedian similar this very few different taken this Kevin artists fallen off, sang, bass, and number two, he's, he may not even be in the top having a hard time with his career, Brandon? Yeah. Host of a crowd of two hundred hiding early attention. People are here. No, like I when I was like I standing you feel like you'll need like thirty thousand dollars and now any like almost a million. Thank you. Hey, it's pretty faithful. We're all pretty proud of you. I'm really kinda thrown off here though. I'm not gonna say it. No, no, the big, no, you can't. I came here thinking like getting in with Jack and Brandon is they're working on this movie script and they're gonna put me in a movie and then backstage of Mike houses script guys and they're like, what script. I mean, really my investment? No, no, that's a great indie film. Wait and having the new thing. How about how about the new entourage and it's the four of us right. Djamil can you play the Cape play the entourage theme song real quick. Yeah. Addiction. I wish you have that cute up for my wrist. Yeah, I, this is personal. I know you guys are open. Have you talked about your break-up on the podcast? No. Tell. That's why. Wiles boo. The out of control. I thought this. Or come out here and you're like, we talk about the thing. I. His podcast, I must confess I paid Spencer thirty dollars to bring up three topics. You know that I read a lot of tweets about it. So I didn't know if it was. I. Oh. But I will say, I mean, no, we're on good terms, but I have. So I have a monthly show here, many clap if you've been to the monthly show..

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