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Hi you're listening to the dollar up this is a biweekly american history podcast so once a week all read a story from american history to my friend abides dave anthony to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea that what the topic it's going to be about do think people they can see they can feel they can feel that we've done this threetime sick if it if they're they're filmed there's some there's already we gotta kinks out now there's your cat the column of afghan right now and called the quote is jampacked chant i'm the forgive guy dave okay garrity led insecure is it far back and this is not going to come in particularly clocked the okay unapplied part who she now hit him with the puppy present sick argument powered by accu hardly care and it's got my friend lina fourie and now gareth savior a savior saraci and an era is someone close do you used to work for you has been indicted for a very specific early uh uh bleep pled guilty and is now turning evidence going to snatch against it's going to against people as you make your life your soninlaw other people that work for you sounds set distressful time yeah and that's me and online therapy company for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy you can pick an experienced license therapist you relate to and feel comfortable with each and every therapist has at least a master's degree and is completed over three thousand hours of supervise work to match with like say like say you tweeted.

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