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Wwl news time eleven oh seven now the, pinpoint forecast and. Here's scores Franklin partly sunny skies today with the typical, August heat Hiver ninety two degrees any forty. Percent chance for showers and storms a few of those showers can't produce some heavy downpours at times, by this evening, and later, tonight partly cloudy skies mild muggy overnight, lows in the seventies tomorrow afternoon a hybrid ninety two degrees about thirty to forty. Percent chance for showers and storms high of ninety on Friday with a fifty percent chance of rain forty to fifty percent chance for showers and storms over the. Weekend from the pinpoint, forecast center I'm wwl, TV meteorologist Chris Franklin right now sunny at the airport in Kenner and eighty eight degrees across the Lakers. Slidell partly. Sunny, and eighty seven I'm, David Blake w, wwl first news as we get the luck w._w._l. traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham in the only real traffic issue is on the crescent city connection and it's really not that bad if you coming over from the west bank to the east bank we've got a little bit of bunching around general de gaulle and it's a little slow right when you get to the east bank side because the tillis exit is closed so the first available exit tea is gonna be camp street and you know there's a red light at the bottom of that so it kind of stacks up every now and then onto the lake bound expressway if you continuing eastbound toward slidell no problems at the high rise around the twin span or fuelling westbound toward mediterranean kenner he got a pretty smooth flowing traffic all the way through and on the spillway traffic's moving at speed in both directions on the river bound expressway it's a little slow around saint charles and that's because we've got some roadwork on the west bank side at general de gaulle and that's causing A. Bit of congestion accident parasite film, more south Claiborne at Audubon an overturned vehicle Peters road at Lepanto boulevard traffic brought to..

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