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Look, I'm not saying Jada Pinkett Smith is crazy or anything, but. But I think that guy's got it a little more together. I tell you how I actually feel very honored that you chose this as the open clip. I as you know, I love Instagram. I'm fascinated. I think it's a reflection of, you know, it's what you want people to know about you. It's it's interesting, psychological experiment. Interesting. And once I want you to keep saying this because once you hear this assessment, which I think you're dead on about, yeah, it'll make their differently, which is that with Instagram, it's your choice of how to visually present who you are. Well, it's what you think you are. It's what you want. Other people to know about you, for instance, for mine, you know, I like to do shows. Me too. I like fuck about this podcast and you know silly things, but for instance, I know this guy is this gay couple. They're very reserved in real life like twilight on Instagram. It's digs out practically. They're the two of them in each other's labs and like it's overly sexual like you guys are not these people in real life that is a peek into the psyche. That's right. That's what they want to be proceed. What's been perceived as projecting. Yes. A sexually violent? Yes. Hawk monster com. Fuck me. And it's so fascinating. So. I love duck tape. I, I stumbled upon Jada Pinkett Smith who we've had on the show in clip form years ago years ago and she's got this new. Yeah, yeah, she's in crazy. So she's got a new show now where she talks about her feelings a lot, and her Instagram has been fascinating. Lately. I mean, it's a lot over share and there was a time also. We should point out that we, we played some of the, I guess it was more his written stuff for her kid. Jaden Jaden Smith. Sometimes it felt weird. I don't know. It felt weird because you're like, oh, he's a minor, but he was also it's weird because he's a minor, but he's a huge celebrity sixteen. Yeah, and he was. He was. He was writing. Hilarious and or terrifying things. Just things like. You know how we'd mirrors don't have is or just all kinds of. Yeah, he was like, you know, really, this new, the trees will tell you this story just bonkers stuff. And you know, you didn't know whether winking joking playing indoors, he serious because I always felt like he was serious. Right? So we were like, fuck is going on, but then you're like, oh, it's teenage kid. And you know. It must be weird to be that famous at that age, you know, and then kinda like he kind of fell out of the guys, I guess, did he know? I don't know, but, but then upon further examination, I think what you're saying is watching mommy and a lot of things you. Crazy. Apple doesn't fall far from the mentally ill truths. You should look at like, I mean, I don't know if I can. I love this shit. I love when people do this on social media. This is why this is what I live for on Instagram. Do you know what I'm saying? It's like the tractive pictures of people actually like pickers like back when he was getting. Boy, oh, boy. Could you read that for the this one's that so bad? I mean this, no, I think you shouldn't share this on. So come up with you if I had a nickel for every time that I've cried in the back of an Uber, I would have another pair of yeezy. That's funny. That's that's not really like. I think that one is funny..

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