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Putin's later conduct I. The planting of pornographic material that seems to be a early instance of the use of compromise dot com by Putin something that will come back to that. We saw later in his career, and the reaching out to a Neo Nazi kinda presages. Some of what we saw later in the funding of right wing, extremists groups in Europe and political parties. Yeah I. Think you're right. It was sort of a training ground for everything that was later to come everything that we've seen the wizards hotel that was infamous for entrapping him businessman. It was called the Hotel Bellevue. They will have to stay. The older rooms were kitted out with books and photographic equipment. Once Stasi guy. He used with Putin and said yes. We use lots of female agents. Then they were often more effective than us mails, and then the other very disturbing thing, which came up during my reporting was that there was another former associate who is actually a former member of the Red Army Faction or the bottom Meinhof group, and he had a very compelling story to tell I went three times we talk for. I was trying to check everything out. And he told a story in which sort of during these days when he was operating with the Red Army Faction when they were sort of. Bombing US army basis, and the other assassination attempts on prominent Western, West German industrial titans. He said that they were going to Dresden and they were receiving instructions dressed in. There were going that precisely because it was a backwater, it was far away from the spying is at the West, which all concentrating focus on east. Berlin that's where everyone was looking, but no one really paid any attention to Dresden. It was so far away from everyone. They travel into East Berlin on the train. Get into a car to Dresden whether it be admitted by Stasi and Katie be an among these people he said was put in very often. He be taking the lead. He said they wouldn't give them orders, but they'd certainly make suggestions about possible targets and also help them acquire weapons and cash once they were back in the West. He said that they present to them with the list, and they'd make sure that they found an agent or some of the way of getting them the materials. They needed now this. Unfortunately, it's one source. It was impossible to verify because all this. This guy, all these guys colleagues there either in prison or dead I did ask another study colleague of Putin who is sort of deeply involved with Putin then about these this story, he basically just said look. I don't know when it was top secret. We weren't involved. The Russians made sure not tell us everything, and they also made sure to destroy absolutely everything. Another kind of big question mark is the fact that all the Stasi bosses in that particular area didn't wait around to be questioned after Germany's reunification, the full of the wool they all died they. I committed suicide supposedly. Am I remembering this correctly Catherine that the? The Stasi was at the fixture and chief who you interviewed and he said he told you that none of this been had been proved, and it sounds like a somewhat of a veiled warning to you. Since the fixed rate chief that was that was actually another very close. Putin colleague from the KGB who still close with him today, yeah! Yeah. He said you should not try. You should not try to do so yourself. Doesn't seem to have deterred you. Well I! Think is still a lot of questions I'm still fascinated by the sort of the origin story here and how it connects to what Putin has done much later as president of Russia. One thing that I think is a cop did not mention was the interest in poison all the way back in the eighties since there's. Micheals on we've done a lot of reporting and done chose on this podcast about Putin's efforts to assassinate people in London, opponents, rivals, and that sort of thing so i. wonder if you Ju- that connection when you were doing the reporting. Yeah, I guess it's just something that the KGB has always dealt with a I think they see individual life as collateral damage, and if the pursuing a great cause or indeed, if somebody has betrayed them, then I don't think they have any make any bones about sort of getting rid and eliminating them I think it's just something that we've seen. Throughout Putin's career and fortunately, can you tell us? The I'm fascinated by this former red army member who you tracked down, and who says he met with Putin on multiple occasions, and they discussed various terrorist activities that the Red Army would be engaged in and you detail some of those that came later including the killings of the chairman of Deutsche Bank in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine and the chief of Siemens Technology in nineteen, eighty six. But what can you tell us about this? Red Army? Member how active he was in the Baader Meinhof gang whether he was ever charged with crimes. And how you came to find him. That is a difficult question to answer without revealing too much details about his identity I'd rather not 'cause. He's you know. Obviously, it's quite sensitive information that he sharing maybe one day he'll come forward and go on the record but I'm quite anxious for him to be honest. What do you think this reporting tells us about Putin himself? I think it tells us that. He just you know as as Bush correctly surmised when he first met him in the early days of his presidency that he's he's. KGB through, and through the he's always been steeped in active measures that he's obviously very cynical, and also it sort of it tells us as well. It confirmed some of my other reporting in the book like I spoke with A. A lot of other ex KGB associates of Putin some. Who for Moscow rather than Saint Petersburg and Moscow? KGB guys like to consider the themselves a slightly higher class than the guys for Leningrad's Saint Petersburg which is Russia's second city, and they would say slightly scathingly that those from Leningrad Saint Petersburg they have a chip on their shoulder and much much more ruthless. Then skies from Moscow let the impeaches guys who will stop at nothing to acquire power, and unfortunately that's what we've seen throughout Putin's rule so catherine, what many have reported on as kind of formative period for Putin as a KGB agent in Dresden was, the very end was when the Berlin Wall fell when you had a sort of people. In East Germany and at one point the KGB headquarters is surrounded by protesters and He sees how fragile power can be and I think also feels betrayed by his overlords in Moscow because they don't send the tanks in, and that's a lesson for him. Talk about that period, and what impact you think it had on how he wielded power, ultimately as as he rose through the ranks in Russian politics to eventually become the supreme leader there. Yeah I think..

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