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Be relaying signals from various rovers landers on the surface here's what did you is a communication satellite it embed communications payload in new h if it's provided by nicer and the similar to communication packages on both the overall orbiters of naza also on the over is obviously mouse express this allows to communicate with the current rovers on the surface of mass nasar opportunity and security but also will allow to communicate with future rovers inlanders of nazar inside moss twenty twenty and of course we mass assets but will be rover exhaust european and russian eczema splat phone but will both land on imaz twenty twenty one on the surface of mouse for mission essentially near twenty twenty one the main point this mission it's it's doing the sniffing of the the atmosphere is acting as a relay but when it sniffing it's specifically looking for for methane it's almost you know the would be the most exciting thing to find and we identify where it comes from the is actually looking for all gases in small quantity in fear of that is made mostly of carbon dioxide you too but also over gas is in very small quantities which are all important to understand the functioning of yet mercer me fain is the most exciting one because on earth new fain is known to come from two sources essentially for kennison and by living organisms on mouth as far as we know volcan ism existed but is no longer active since millions of years and life we don't know so if methane is found and confirms if.

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