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Hours um i assume your private coach has its own facilities you can go to the bathroom in your car you guys out there okay and we don't you know when when things happen like like people start park in their cars rvs you know i love our society that actually those of us who are who are just trying to uh you know to to do with the right way at night you know we restate rpvhe resorts parks if we have to do um you know we park the coach and proper place to some hotels singing for a convention and they'll put cones don't let me parts of the coach and they are uh in the parking lot but they all have policies against overnight parking for people with their campers a cars and it's there for a reason and you know when people kinda violate that it actually it hurts those of us it's an outstanding points scott and i and i do want to add jump on to that point to to make another point is is essential to make here is whenever i talk about this issue people always want to say well this is just the rich against the poor yeah yeah you're rich people who own your own homes i you can be really harsh on the homeless because you on your own homes and gated communities an app and look it it is not wealthy people it is not bill gates here in seattle who does have basically not his own only his own home but he's now the second wealthiest person on the planet the wealthiest person also lives in here in seattle jeff bezos yeah the amazon guy um and okay they're not going to be heard enormously by the homeless thing because they do have big walls and acreage and everything but for ordinary people the parks that homeless people have taken over are important and i mentioned this on the on the air before one of my earliest memories actually is going with my dad and my grandfather my grandfather was very poor he he was a barrel maker by profession and when he was old and he was retired my dad would take me and i was three four or five years old and uh we would we would go out to league island park in south philadelphia and my grandfather's so much loved going there and he was not in the position in where he either fell in in his '70s.

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