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Great relationship. Just in terms of going out and playing for the team and even off the floor just in terms of different things that were going on in life and knows is tough combo because he's one of my favorite coaches that I've been able to fight for and such a hard working coach. So like, you know, that's the part of life in a game. And it's no, no sour milk. We just we still still communicate to this day. So you know, it's all love at the end of the day. Also, all love is your relationship with Bobin, please tell us as much as you can about how interesting that dude is because you guys have become friends. You've got you know, you do projects together. Like, what can you tell us about Bowe band that people don't know? Great guy lie all around just a mazing person to be around had a great spirit never has a bad day and just a funny character tube. So be on two different places in the world. I'm able to show him a little bit of my culture. He's able to show me some of his and we kinda just have become really good friends off of that. And just you know, he's a he's a character. And a funny guy to be around. So he bring you he brings a good joy to everybody that he's he's around head stand to buy. Do we have any new episodes of the Toby and Bobi show resent only an off-season thing? Well, he's a it was funny because the other day he came to me he goes to show go on. You're right. This show. Does is so have to go on. So right now when we get some free time where we're going to sit down and talk about some little things you do. And and then go from there because a lot of people like that we had a lot of fun with it. And it was cool. So for sure to show will go on I want I've got to follow up questions here. One what part of his culture. Did he show you that you found most memorable or startling and which side of your culture? Did you show him that made him be taken aback? Yeah. What part of what he sells me is like he's tried to sell some music from his culture and like hip hop from this culture, kind of which is hard for me to kinda understand because speak the language at all. That makes. Yes. But what I tell show him a lot of things he should just come to ask me like who's this singing the song, or what type of food is that or you know, things things that type all different things. Like, I've shown them different rap artists that I came love listening to and fee starts listening to them. And then he okay. Like the other day, he recited busy lives to that. I was like all right. I see both like I know you do that. So it's all good over the line. Can you can you repeat them not air? Now. Can't we saw we saw. So we can win. The big poppa invis- this aside some lives in there. So I was like, okay. Well, I see can we do this. Can we guessed the line? And you can just say yes, or no that way we'll be in trouble. But you won't be now. Let's not that way. No. That Seems. seems. You are someone who has changed your eating habits a lot. I'm just curious. Can you explain to us? What was Tobias Harris doing the most wrong before in terms of extreme measures to take care of his body?.

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