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I'm really excited about what's in store for this show for this year The things we're going to talk about the people are going to talk to WHO and have conversations with this is GonNa be really fun and I'm happy that you're here joining me. Hey let's not waste any time. Let's cut the fat. Let's get right into it. Let's get this show on the road and let's talk a project car in this week's project car was an e Bay find and it just so happens to be one of my favorite cars not just just because I own one but because they're cool a nineteen sixty eight dodge dart so this car is an abandoned racecar project. At least that's what it looks like to me. Maybe the guy just lost interest in it but whatever the case. It's an unfinished project car. And it's set up for drag racing so or at least it's headed in that direction so this is a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock hemi clone. It's got fiberglass front. From fenders two sets doors looks like Dana rear end with four link. Strange Break Strange Axles Manual Steering Column Column The seller says that most of the trim is included with the car. Except it's missing the windshield trim. It's got the sixty eight dark grill. Sixty Dr Tail Lights. It also comes with two pieces of four by sheet metal. My guess is to finish off the interior and all the tin work and it looks like the seller alert is GonNa throw in anything else that he may have forgotten the list with the car. It goes on to say that this car is a race car. Only now it's set at a buy it now. How price of eighty five hundred dollars and you know? Is it a good bye. I'm not quite sure I'd have to see the car in person but based on looks alone. It's pretty much. Just just a shell with a roll cage with hogged out rear wheel wells to fit bigger tires. And it's you know it's got some stuff going for and it's also got some stuff that it really needs addressed like is the cage even up to Nhra specs. You know how was the car built. These are a lot of questions that you need to ask when you go in. Look at these cars these unfinished unfinished racecars. Or if you're considering one I am a fool for these. I love seeing unfinished race cars. Because because I'm like Oh cool all the hard work done in this case there's still a lot of hard work left but if someone wants to get a little bit of a head start on a dart then I and I think it's a it's a good buy for somebody. That's looking for a race car. If you'RE LOOKING FOR MORE OF A streetcar you might WanNa shy away from something like this because it setup for drag racing so if you're gonNA spend eighty five hundred dollars I'm sure you can find a decent driver quality Dr that maybe it has a slant six in it. You know what it's pretty clean and you can always yanked the slant and throw in big block or a small block. Whatever you want you don't always have to get a race car and I think a lot of the time people you know they see st outlaws on TV? And they're like Oh. I got to do that so they go and they buy a race car. You know that hasn't been finished yet. And then they get in way over their head. That's probably what I would do you. You know if I didn't have my projects that I have now and I had some money burning home. My pocket in a car came up like this dart and already had a roll cage in it and it was already doubt if I didn't know any better. I probably would just buy based on cool factor alone but I do know a little bit better so if I ever go and look at a unfinished race car. Then I'm really going to look at the craftsmanship and the quality of the wells and the quality of the work involved in the car because the seller could have just started the project and got got in over his head realized he had changed a bunch of stuff and thought. You know what I'M GONNA cut my losses here. The car is nowhere near done. A have a bunch of money invested so it may may be easier for him just to say you know what screw it. I'm going to sell this car. And then just go by something and start over again. You have to watch for that kind of stuff when you're going and looking at these he's project cars because you never really know who built it you know. That's kind of scary when you're talking about safety equipment like a roll cage in you don't know who built it then then you've got you know. How do they got good welds or do they have experienced building race cars? Do the wells have good penetration. Trey Shen you know last thing you want is to roll a car that has shoddy roll Cajun at first of all you probably went to pass tech inspection. But let's just say you. You wield your way through got on that starting line and you rolled the car and you had a shoddy cage. Guess what not only can a cage save your life they can also kill you so those are things you have to keep in mind when looking at race cars like this or either x race cars or future race cars depending but that still doesn't take away from the fact that this car is cool if you were to go look at it and you're looking at the cage and you're like wow this is actually really well built. Maybe it just wasn't painted then in your saving a couple grand and then you've got the suspension set up and you know anything else all the little extras included with with the car. Like in this case. He's got some fiberglass fenders. Those definitely aren't cheap. When you're looking at project cars you really have to consider it as a whole you know? I'm kind of a fool in the way that I would go look at his car. And just think Oh my God look out coolest racecars everything else is like an afterthought I would hope that if myself or or anybody else is going to hand over. Eighty five hundred dollars on an unfinished project that you at least look it over really well maybe bring a friend. The second set of eyes is never a bad thing. But I really like this dark you know. I would have to see it in person to kind of determine if it's something that I wanted to get into into or if it looks like there's a lot of work that needs to be redone and I might as well start fresh with a much cheaper car a much cheaper Shell and then go oh from. They're not a bad car. I just thought it was cool looking on in the picture. It actually shows an overhead shop crane. It looks like it's You know him. He's hanging by right right in the engine. Bay The DR so a good sales tactic like this could be you but not a bad car. Are I wish the guy luck with the sale. I hope it's set up good in that somebody gets a good start to a race car out of it that that would be really cool because I love Dodge Dart superstock cars and the sixty eight Hemi Dr is also one of my top Mo- parts of all time along with the Barracuda. They're just so cool. Hemi bodies any body with a Hemi as cool in my book so cool Dr Check it out on Ebay. It's not hard to find. Just look up. Nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock. And you'll probably run across it so if you're looking for a little fun at the track and a a little fun at the garage I because you're probably going to be building this car for two years before you even get into the track. This might be a good deal. So they'll check it out on Ebay. It's still going to be up for another twenty nine days as it's got fifty two views per hour which is seems Seven people are watching it so it also has the make offer option so on Ebay you can do auctions by now or you can have a buy it now but also a make offer option option which tells me that this guy will take less than eighty five hundred dollars or else he wouldn't even put the make offer button there. So who knows what you could get this thing for. You might be sitting on a potential real cool deal you might go see. This guy will take five and Lo and behold he's like. I really need to get rid of this thing. It's taking up space in my garage. Yes I'll take fifty five hundred and then you eat that extra five hundred and Dan you know you call it a day and you bring your race car home your five thousand dollar Racecar so keep that in mind cool car. That's all I got to say about that. I would love of if my dart was built to look like a superstock but I just feel I would feel like an impostor because mine is a sixty nine and you know looking at the pictures this car. He's including these five relax vendors and they're actually four sixty nine because they have their rectangular marker lights if it's just a race car who cares and.

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