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He gives them some muscle inside. He's got an edge to he's not afraid to go at NB gone. Russell westbrook. Iman shumpert. It's it's a tough blow your buddies Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley two weeks ago. Both predicted there. That's at the time that Portland was going to be in the NBA finals or not nurse. I don't think out the I no, no, no, no. And he he may have a problem with the sport he has chosen because he broke the other leg couple years ago. You're in the business of breaking your legs in basketball. It's what did you? Tell me is father his father is a four hundred pound police officer in Bosnia. Yeah. I wanna see you mess with a tough guy. So I mean, I don't think they have any what strikes me whenever you see video like this Gordon Hayward had this soldier George had this Alex Smith has this right now Redskins quarterback. He's not gonna be back next year. When is men went down, however, many years ago that was and Lawrence Taylor is going like this get a doctrine here because the bone sticking through the guy's skin at that point other players when you see them turn away. You know, how serious this is. And they're thinking themselves my God, this could have been me as well. That is that is the surest sign that something desperately has gone wrong. And I don't I I don't know their team is no team has built to a stand something like this heading into playoffs in three weeks. Yeah. Now, I think he can come back injury. In fact, he had surgery today. No nerve damage muscle damage coming back. This news. Not by the way. Paul George was at two hundred fifty seven days he came back late in the season knowing that he was gonna play about a month and heading to another season. So who knows when there could be more than Hayward is back this year. Yeah. Most people think he'll be better next here. So it's cold. It's a three year. Paul, George and all right. The Utah Jazz couldn't stop Devon Booker from scoring fifty nine points. But the jazz went out of their way to prevent Booker from getting sixty Utah on technically your guy, the Anthony Melton in the closing. Second Booker a chance for sixty are. Now Booker had come out with five minutes left only to return two minutes later in a game. The sun's ultimately lost by thirty three..

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