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Bin. You know, I'm clearance girl too. So I have one or two three things that got a brand to it and the rest of people like I can't find it. That's because it don't exist. No more because I got the last thing when it was marked down all the way to the ground. Right. Right. Right. And I think some people get money, and they want to have these things to fulfill something lacking in their life. Oh, absolutely. You know, number one. Tony Brexit has lupus. Okay. So she might not even think she was spending defined the cure. No. I'd say my time is she's extended her life. I have some friends who have lupus who who have extended their life. You know and changed their diets and stuff, I think, you know, number one the reason why there's no cure for lupus. And there's no. Research done on is because of the facts black women, right? They just had the pass. I was watching TV one the other day. They just had maybe a law passed the law to require doctors to treat black women. Equally. When it comes to more what tally rates for the maternity wards. Right. 'cause black women are not getting the same treatment as white women. So maybe she felt like, hey, no telling how long will be here. So I'm enjoying every moment. He while. I'm here giving my Gucci. So where and let me turn his bisexual, man. Yes. Can you sell the Gucci where some full is right? She has to who does. He I missed that one. No. She married. Shimmer this cat named. Tony somebody the other. He was from one of these groups condition or something like, oh, he was a Tony to. Well. I knew that we're gonna work out too, many people call net name. This was I wasn't in. I wasn't as fuller. Dull when that was happening. What I'm saying? I was wasn't paying. I was you know, Toni Braxton's generation. Away from me. Right. So I wasn't really we wasn't really worried about low. Tony got married. She I remember the most I remember about it is that I did a TV show about it, and that Toni Braxton loves Tiffany. So she had a Tiffany theme wedding. That was the only thing I remember. But she married his guys that was her third rank Rupp's that probably was probably was and she married. His do. They had two sons. She has one son who has autism. He's autistic so one of the son's name denim. I know because I remember I was like denim. But you know, yes, Tony's life. Tony Tony also doesn't she has in diversified her? Entertainment portfolio. You gotta do it. All you gotta say diversified her her her boyfriend portfolio because he's she's dating to buy extra Zo. Put out there. Kiss. Another man do not mean you are by sexual. Advocates the man, and I don't like minute up. Although I did. I think kissing his just like asked to me. I think as as like a nice as nice as a black man's eyes and a black woman as pretty much kinda judging say, yeah. So I feel like kissing the same thing because I've had some great kisses from men I had some kids that were. Yeah. Right. And then media whereas girl because I'm horny. I don't you know, when it comes to Bergman. I don't I'm I'm gonna say I'm playing just because I guns, but. Girls. But it'd be honest with you, I don't I don't necessarily think he gave. But I definitely think that wasn't a father son relationship. My daddy. Ain't never kissed me. Like that. My mom ain't never kiss me. Like that. So the only person I've of kids like that other than the man that I'm a relationship with is. I kiss my cat's like that. Because I love my cats. You Tunc I don't tongue kissed him that. Well, that's what you said. They also kissing lips. I kiss my cats when they lit. No. But did you you said that Bergman and? The way they did. You know, what it was the lean in? The league, man. Wanna planes landing and there's a lot of wind shift. It was like that you know that movement, and then it was a point where if they act contact, and then it was sexual. No, I close my eyes when I'm kissing some. I know, but you know, you you close your eyes probably when you about to land. But you look most people look until you get close enough to know, exactly. Where your lips about to plant? Okay, close..

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