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Like The type of quarterback that George Payton would go after. Not someone now absolutely beat out Drew lock. Although in my opinion he would Maybe some mentorship. We saw what happened how perfectly it worked for the Miami Dolphins. Right worked really well. Brian floor is pulled to, uh, in a couple of games and Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and worked. And I believe I said AP through the No look pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Raiders. I said, How about drew lock for three quarters and bring him Ryan Fitzpatrick in the fourth? And now I kind of feel like that's not the way they'll structure it, But I kind of feel like the two of them are gonna be on the roster together. Just feels like If they're gonna bring in a quarterback, That's who they would bring in. I feel that way. What the bigger story is How this all effects to a Do you pull him a couple of times? You have success when you pull him. And then there's the rumors that dish on Watson Wants to come to Miami. A lot of questions around, too. And also around Brian Florist in the Dolphins. Did they ruin to a Well, it's too early to tell if They have ruined him. But Brian floor is still feels good about too apparently. Told ESPN he thought he made a lot of improvement over the course is season and he's excited about the future with them. And Chris career, the general manager of the Dolphins last week. Said. Who is their starting quarterback? I feel like it's a Noda. Type of thing. Get it the rookie year. You do something you didn't bring him in immediately. You waited a little bit. You brought him in for a cameo, then. He didn't play and then you brought him in full time And now you're playing like the rookie years the time where you could do some of that stuff, But now it's time to commit. You're going to get a full off season. Yes, Cove. It is still going to be around. It's not gonna be in normal offseason. I don't think although, by the time we get to the summer could things get better? Who knows? But even if We're still dealing with the same stuff we're dealing with. Now You've had a You've had one training camp in a pandemic. You can have a second one, and you can make adjustments. There's going to be no excuse here about learning curves and whatever whatever. Who was being played in the league. It's time to commit to him fully. You do that kind of stuff. Pull them in the game. Try to teach him something. Mess around his rookie year year too. I think you got to be all in Onto us. It sounds like they are We'll see. 5 to 29872. When we come back, we'll have the three stories that are driving the show and also wide open third our four year to interact if you so choose. That's all coming up after.

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