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Well, Ohio Senator Bill Coley is presenting his own version this afternoon of how to avoid that traditional pennies per gallon tax at the pump. It's an unstable funding formula in the sense that as cars, get more and more efficient getting more and more miles per gallon than the revenue per mile driven. Fox coleus pitching. The idea of paying a fee up front at the driver's license bureau, and then receiving a discount at the pump when using abra wards card. Ohio horse racing regulators are investigating the death of an animal that happened during a race in Warren county this week the Ohio racing commission says the horse got spooked during a harness race on Monday at Miami valley gaming in Warren county and ran into a pond on the track the race staff. Were unable to rescue the animal from drowning in the community is coming together ten night to remember a local community activists who was found dead. This week vigil will be held for amber Evans near West Bank park this evening. Heavens was a social Justice advocate who disappeared back in February. Her body was pulled from the river over the weekend. That vigil starts at five thirty our news partners at ABC six say the investigation into her death continues the Ohio man accused of killing a counter protester at a white nationalist rally in Virginia. He's facing a judge today James field junior is appearing in federal court to plead guilty to more than two dozen hate crime charges. He was convicted last year in Virginia state court for the car attack that killed Heather higher and injured. Dozens more your ABC six first warning weather sunshine today with highs near fifty seven. I'm Alison Wyant. Our next report at four o'clock for breaking news, and weather alerts instantly, follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news..

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