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A huge concern well we'll get in the mining after this but the very basic version of it is that you sent a transaction out everybody else sense transactions out within these 10minute windows bundles of transactions or put together and included in blocks and in order to verify the authenticity of these transactions as minor send them between each other as part of the verification of bitcoin blocks you hash all of the transactions together and if any bit in any of them has changed the output will be entirely different so if there is any amount of the hash apple will be entirely different the hash out but will be entirely different you put all of their bids together and into this hash algorithm squishing the other hashem and the nice property of this is that let's say there is a thousand transactions in one block if i change even a single bit out of one of those transactions any amount of it literally any the entire hash as a result of putting them together in applying shot v six to them will be entirely different in unrelated to the correct one so for now you can ignore everything in here except the hash of the previous block and the hash of the transactions included in the current basically you hash those two together and doing this in the same way that changing any bit of any of the transactions when you're hashim the other because you're chaining these hash is through time thousands of them literally like literally at this point you know i don't remember the current blockade is but you know however many that is chained all the way up all the way from the original on that said what was at banks issue second bailout was at the at us the filipinos the genesis strain and so anyway all the way up all the way back from two thousand eight these hash is our chained all the way to the current block and if you change any bit in any of this the whole thing breaks the entire chain breaks in is completely different and that sort of like the underlying beautiful idea here is that in the same way that if you change any part of these transactions it doesn't work anymore that's.

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