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But i i it's a it's could be one of the the whiffs in met history that will be one of the worst of all time because he was a homegrown mess danny murphy yes right justin justin turner justin was here to be fair he got here in two thousand ten from baltimore willing clinton fourgame so strike that to be fair uh then two thousand eleven twelve and thirteen of terrible and they were not great uh he's a lifetime met average to sixty five for years with the mets right while also goes to show you just never know when a guys gonna actually finally get it right now in may county 74 and he's comfortable so i i mean he's now i guess he got here 25 years old when he got air so do but obviously they miss on that one on for sure they got admit that have to be a flip descript and other one's they've gotten some right trying to think of which ones are we keep thinking which wanted the mets get right about trades deserve a signings all right they didn't they had zero signings this offseason so there's nothing to get right or wrong they brought in in not a single new player he's a base outside maybe next year we are in synagogue will make it through an entire season have isis hey having any of them heavily give me how that if i give you a seven starting picture on the mets can three that make it through also it's unbelievable man by the way how frustrating at is there's no reason now for the expectation to be for those guys anything other than at least one two stints on the el right yup because that that's the nature of how i gets of other bodies have built their arms then i i saw that harvey their told the and he's a surely thin like hell looks great i'm knocking that he looks great but when matt harvey i was a dominant pitcher he's a big thick guy yawn that's.

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