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I mean, I kind of every week continued to be blown away, even though I'm pulling for him, and I believe that it could happen, but still to see it on Big games, too. It's not like you beat up on the bad teams and struggled first, the good ones. He beat up on everybody and I just that you could kind of see all the pieces if you're around him. He's funny. He's as funny of a quarterback as we have in this league and as much fun to hang out with as we have any quarterback in this league But also the greatness that he sees in himself the confidence it was just cool to see all those things come together on top of, you know, mechanically and accuracy and Just goes to show you if you go to an organization and what brain and being the general manager's done there. On Brian Table on offense, and Ken Dorsey, his quarterback coach. It's the sum of all these parts and, yeah, we can talk about Stefan digs, but the reality is that they were really good last year, too, and they just continued to build around this young player. On support him in a way where I actually think you know, we look at Kansas City and we look at some of these. These teams that have laid out the blueprint for how toe You know, drafted build around quarterback and Brandon Bean and Sean McDermott and the pool of family. I think they've kind of reset the bar in terms of what is building around a young quarterback supposed to look like I think it's supposed to look like what they just didn't Buffalo to implement. Joining me for a couple of more moments. I gotta ask you to order. What do you make of how Tom Brady played in the Super Bowl and over the course of the season? Well, there's something kind of cool, but I'm seeing with my eye on Tom Brady. Right now. That's not really talked about. So this class football season. I've got a guy I work with. You just focuses on the biomechanics and the movement side of things and My right hand man with coaching quarterbacks, and they gave him a study. I said, Find me the top couple movers in the league meeting the guys who moved the most efficiently. No wasted movement. When they lean or cut or plant they don't get outside of their hips. Stay within their hips and, ironically, that the guys that we identified as the two best movers in the league or Cuyler Murray and Tom Brady, and how ironic is that? That's wild 5 11 and arguably the best athlete in the league at the position outside of maybe Lamar. Then the other guys 43 years old, and I don't know you could make the argument. Body Wise is in the least the bottom. Couple athletes in the league at the position, but his what he's done with his team and Alex Guerrero and all these guys is he's just become one of the most efficient movers. And that's before we start talking about throwing in the mental side of the game and clutching all that stuff, So I just think that he hasn't just relied on his strength he's turned are arguably his biggest weakness. Into a strength that is such that I've identified him as one of the top two movers in the league, whatever that means, so he's just gotten more efficient. He's gotten. It looks like he's got more athletic, but he's just gotten more efficient. Then you find out afterwards. You need surgery after the game. You're like man that's on top of the knee injury, So I just think it's fascinating. We have the timers time conversation, all that, but the reality is that he has continued to move better. Grow better and no better and and he finally got toe parrot together in a new spot with him. No in all sorts team around him, and it doesn't It doesn't look like someone year deal to me. This looks like something that happened at the end of season have to deal with for a few fascinating conversation right there. Once again former NFL quarterback founder of QB Summit This year's class would include Trevor Laurence Brady White and also shame. Bushell, Jordan. Great job. I really appreciate you making time for the show, as always. Great to run you down, Jordan. Thanks so much. Next room was great, really good. Tom Brady is one of the top to quote movers in the lead even at that age, and the other one is Cuyler Murray. That's amazing. All right. Hope you enjoyed that. I got a lot of that. That's a great conversationalist, always always Jordan Palmer. Former NFL quarterback and a consultant. Breaking it down. When we come back, we go back to back. I've got the head football coach at Vanderbilt, Clark Lee, and then I am open the rest of the way. Think about what you want to talk about. 1 806.

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