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Jovan for your calls eight six six ninety redeye on red eye radio join the conversation using the shell rotella hotline eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine red eye radio and shell rotella making you're hardworking journeys more manageable truck drivers find yourself singing along with the radio on the highway well overdrive magazine and red eye radio and they're looking for truckers with a valid cdl to enter the overdrive red eye radio talent search singing contest visit trucker talent search dot com where you fill out a form and enter a youtube link to a video of using the video can be with or without accompaniment and can be shod with your own smartphone three finalists who compete live for a one thousand dollar cash prize the great american trucking show balance in august singer songwriter and trucker toady justice will mc and perform during the event the winner will be featured an overdrive magazine and on red eye radio the deadline for submission is may first eighteen so be sure to get your video recorded and then visit trucker talent search dot com to enter you've been seeing in your camby yourself long enough it's time to let the world hear what us online truckers stop looking for a driving job and find a carrier offering a career path this is craig harper chief operations officer at j b hunt with local regional and over the road opportunities and dedicated intermodal and truck load j b hunt can be your final destination whether you want to be home daily or weekly or whether you enjoy life on the road let j b hunt fill your need search openings today at dr j b hunt dot com that's dr j b hunt dot com eat earned and say that country fried restaurants signed up for the spring savings club at ta dash petro dot com forward slash savings dying six times country pride from val until may thirteenth and spend ten dollars or more on each visit get a free entree on your seventh visit available at participating country pride restaurants located inside travelcenters of america details at ta dash petro dot com forward slash savings gots ta dash petro dot com.

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