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To hear about their lives more deeply and actually when we weren't on church staff because there was a time when my husband he was the state director for fellowship of christian athletes. Au pair church. Ministry actually almost felt a little left out because i was used to helping lead. Yeah and so. I don't know i enjoy it. Yeah and i am sure that even as you have developed this ministry to moms. I'm sure there are many moms. Whose wife's are i'm sorry. Our industry and i'm sure you have a very special perspective to be able to encourage them with these things that you were encouraged with when you were young and i think that's amazing that that god gave you that beautiful perspective as pastors. I know sometimes. That's not what happens for pastors kids. That they they come out of a a ministry place and in a in a good place to go and encourage others. I happen to be in that place. Where i i'm very blessed to have had parents. That did the same thing. you know. Very much protected us as kids. If there was anybody else's opinion on what we should be doing you know. But then also you know ministries is a is a hard thing you know. There's you're working through your own stuff. Yeah and then you're helping others work through. There's there's decisions to be made. Their spiritual warfare is frontline. Yeah that's what. I was gonna say the frontlines. Yeah on the frontlines of battle And so because of that. I know there are many discussions that my parents had to have hard decisions that needed to be made and they chose to go into the room and close the door and have those conversations and i think because of that. It's not that they lied to us about the difficulty of ministry but because of that it didn't scare me away from being a ministry myself right. They they allow us to see what we needed to see at that age..

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