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L.. You've special badge. It's free already so all we can give you as a special badge but we sponsored it because we believe in this people asking us for this for years liberty dot menu and you so going on with Tom Woods here. Apparently a textbook actually suggests that. If you're a libertarian are an anarchist that you should move to Somalia Malia the offending book if you're curious is the good society and introduction to comparative politics this is textbook. It's by Alan Draper and insult Ramsey. So this is something given to Further brainwashed kids in Public Davidson. Sure and I mean you know these. These people are full all of nonsense when it comes to arguing Libertar- against libertarianism. Because there's really nothing but nonsense out there. One of them is the the argument from from ignorance. Well if Libertarians is such a good idea. Why haven't any? Why hasn't anyone tried it? Why haven't we tried this? Well the answer is it's been tried. As a matter of fact. Private communities exist all over the world especially conomic zones are private cut our our private cutouts basically Resorts are where people go to live under different rules and You know live together communally a US cruise ships are their own floating cities with their own rules. No one's talking about people running around with the hunting knives in their teeth. eviscerating eviscerating each other over. You know the most petty of of disagreements. Yeah that only happens where people can own guns like in England right that happens where there is government government so here we go here. We have an academic textbook literally urging Libertarians to move to Somalia if they hate states so so much in other words it's written at the level of you like carrots. Well why don't you marry one from third grade without a state. We read Somalia Somalia under statelessness descended into a Hobson state of nature where life is nasty brutish and short speaking of Samaya hasn't liked the US military the NCAA. Ben Like de stabilizing the crap out of Somalia forever cades yeah and and other western states to the UN the after to the whole paragraphs on the situation Somalia. We get study questions if you look really really closely. You may detect a very slight bias in these these questions which is preferable bad government or no government. I would say no government. Why hasn't I don't know? Ask The people. In Stalin's Allen's Gulag preferable really bad cancer or no cancer. Why hasn't Somalia without a State become the paradise that Libertarians anticipate anticipate? I don't know that they've addressed that but you know it's you can't be sending seal team six in there do special operations you know every every couple of years and you know shooting people and then support one war Lord in there and support another warlord. I mean the the I. I wonder what the Economic Hitman knows about Somalia here now I mean he probably has some input now for one thing was there ever a libertarian. Who predicted a stateless Somalia or stateless anywhere else That it would be a paradise. So Libertarians don't propose that Libertarians Libertarians. Only say that the state is inefficient. But more importantly if we're going to get a picture of what's worth That's worth anything of the life. In Somalia. Without estate the correct comparison to make is not between Somalia and the United States. The comparison most writers like this are implicitly making but between Prince Amalia and comparable African countries and on that front Somalia during its stateless period. COMES OUT PRETTY DARN well. In most metrics of living standards it held steady or improved so Somalia stateless. Didn't actually Ashley Descend into some Hobson State. Where life was brutish at short or any of these other things that was predicted? Let's see other nasty nasty brutish short in fact it held pretty comparable to itself during the stateless timeframe which is to say. The government wasn't really doing anything to make life better. Is there a listener listening. That would turn turn into an absolute murdering raging psychopath if the government disappeared tomorrow right. I mean please call in first off. If you decided added to go on a murdering rampages is what some people predict somebody goes on a murderous rampage. I don't know about you. But America's got six hundred million guns. Do you really want to go I WANNA murdering rampage. And everybody's there's two guns for every American I might know one or two bad actors may one of the bad actors Akers. I'm thinking of I don't personally know him. He's just an a-hole that was a troll but like the people I pretty much I've surrounded myself with I know are they're all real decent good people there. Most of them are people at trust with guns and they're just the number of good people so much outweighs the number of bad people. I I really really believe that. So it says the most metrics of living standards Somalia Health Steadier improved in the Journal of Economic Behavior and organization. Two Thousand and eight professor. Benjamin Powell and his colleagues wrote this papers main contribution to the literature has been to compare Somalia's living standards to those of forty one other sub Saharan African countries both before and after the collapse of the national government. That sounds like the way to do it compares Amalia before the collapse of the national government and after the collapse of the national government and compared to its contemporaries. You're right there in Africa. We find the Somalis. Living standards have generally improved and that they compare relatively. This is a quote from the paper from the Journal of Economic Behavior and organization. Sation two thousand and eight. We find solace living standards have generally improved and that they compare relatively favorably to many existing African states importantly accordingly we find that Somali living standards have often proved not just in absolute terms but also in relative to other African countries since the the collapse of the Somali central government. Alright so Somalia not only is holding fine against its own comparison against itself self itself but it's also beating out some African states in some metrics so when somebody says move to Somalia you mean to a place nice. That's gotten better without its central government and I mean do we mark you and I really even know anything about Somalia the same way I mean. Do we know anything about about North Korea. Doing down right is just a Hollywood depiction by that The movie where the The Somali molly guy takes over the boat. Yeah I'm the captain now or something like that to me. And you know. Merchant Marine merchant vessels fishing vessels. You're not supposed to have firearms firearms. you know. That's how you solve that problem of all. These merchant vessels were just heavily armed. NATO pirates come in there and doing nothing especially you. You know some little skiff and I think I made an incorrect statement earlier. This article was done by Tom. Would right yes okay. I just wrote down Ben Swann. On here it is Ben Swann. Who is on our T.? Not Tom Woods. I got a which are both of those guys are great guys. Sure and I just got him a little confused so so hopefully. Nobody's offended I. I'm sure they both appreciate it. Honestly economist. Peter Leeson in enter bound Cambridge University. Press report similar findings yes Somalia ranked low in some categories during the stateless period but that's where it ranked before the state little statelessness too. Oh and if anything it actually made progress. In those categories life expectancy was up for instance an for infant mortality was down and what's to infrastructure. External Malia aren't they like you know ten decades behind the United States. I mean how many houses have running water and electricity at work every day. I have no oh idea but I think that the comparisons that are made here much fairer than anything I've ever heard you know to me. It was always just like well. Somalia's it's not stateless. It has warlords which is effectively all that any government is honestly years ago the Somalis rejected. GMO corn from the United States. Dates anyone to feed it to their cows. Some cows sick. Yeah so Pretty obviously the The end of these authors had no interest in reporting fact They didn't look at any of these papers. They just you know they just be their talking points. What do you think eight five five four five zero three seven.

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