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Hit all over his body is yak hair. that's stuck on with spirit gum. It's just he's covered with sticky yak hair and wearing a little cover thing and on the back. There's a there's a big piece of duct tape stuck to his backside. So that when i was shaving it i could reach put off the duct tape and drop it as if i was shaving it but when it came. He's not a harry guy. He's not that hairy and they wanted an insert shot of that razor going up a back like a ski hill just shade. So what did they do. Brian didn't have a back like that. So they went to the teamsters these guys these are the guys who were there to drive people around. But they bombed the hairiest teamsters. I loved that reality so by the various instagram. Got one hundred dollars there you are. I feel like if you tell. He's got the hairiest back. Out of all the teamsters one hundred dollars off on tv. After kim shoes i would give you one hundred dollars giving back now all right. This is really fun. But jane has america. We have asked you to play a game. We're calling malcolm in the middle meet finger in the middle so we as we have discussed you. Start famously out middle. We thought we'd ask you about the finger in the middle. That is the rude gesture that it turns out has a very long interesting history. Answer two out of three questions about flipping the middle finger get to write you want our prize listeners. Jokey who is jenkins merrick playing for low hartnett of revere massachusetts all right. Here's your first question. One of the earliest recorded uses of the middle finger occurs in. What work of literature is it. A in shakespeare's merry wives of windsor. In which falstaff raises what he calls quote the stiff salute the dastardly digit the grasping protrusion holds all insults. All the.

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