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I figured elisas dog would have been passed if he said, I mean, you know, as crazy as it sounds, you know, I know Bob Wheeler who I think was the comedy store. Accountant. Tommy would give spots to think it's a little typewriter next to his name on the wall. I mean, it's crazy, but that's, you know how Aki when you try and explain the dark ages of the comedy store to people like that's the literally the accountant got past just because he wanted to do stand up. It's weird because the store was a tougher time them, and I'm glad I got to be, at least at the very end of Nazi like three years of that. Oh, yeah. I mean, I, you know, you know, people think roast battle is a tough show. You know, you take that most. You know, hardened roast battle, comedy, shit, their pants. If they did potluck in o.'neil on my shot them up or I was terrified when I'd have to go up with anybody on those those those hosts, or you know, they were brutal and Brody. You know, back then was like pretty aggressive, and you know, eleven, you had him on and you talked about that told that kid. But I mean, people don't understand how dark and like dirty the store was back then. And you know, you take these, you know, roast battle, comics who walk around the club, and it's not a Tuesday night and they start roasting people say, you know, you get shit slap out of you. You know, back in the dark ages, like people would fight. Yeah, you know, you try to row someone in two thousand five issue. Let's go in the parking lot, and I'm sure you've had that happen where the younger comedians come up to you. And I've had to happen a couple times where they come up to me and I'm around, let's say THEO von and Jason Tibo. We're hanging out and they come up and throw a roast joke at me in the middle, like trying to roast me while I don't even know who you are and I'm like, where do you come from? Roasting, somebody out of nowhere. And then on top of it, you're around all these other comedians. Well, they don't get it. I mean, it's like they think it's their way in at the comedy store. It's just obnoxious and shout out to Kelly. LA Banco who's ah, commie story legend herself and Facebook chat right now, what's up Kelly, but they, it's not a way to get in at the stores comic. You know, I learned the best way to just be be around the stores to keep your head low and be funny. Yeah, but you don't have to talk to anybody. I'm pretty much a loner there. I hang out with everybody, but I still kind of by myself a lot. Well, Adams gotta see in when I say you I, I don't mean you, but like to the comics, listen, he's got to see on stage. I say so many comics, you know, go in the back and smoke pot, which is fine or whatever, but it's. Like you think atoms gonna poke his head back there and go, this lighten up a bowl, I should pass. You know, you gotta like there's one comic in particular. I've never seen him go up at the store, but he's airline. They just kind of loiters hangs out, walks around. You know, it's like, you know you're wasting your time. Yeah, I always ask Adam probably once every two months for my friends and family spot so we can see my development. So you can see that I'm going on. I'm hitting the open mics before I go to the store doing all the things I need to do before I go to the store. I mean, you gotta get better. You know, I hang at the store a lot, but not gonna. Do anything? No, definitely not. Everyone's goal is to get past that the storm yet your name on the wall. And that's not the end all be all. You know, it's not like I'm super famous..

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