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Then he was gone before she really understood what he had said she waited for hours, barefoot close. So through her body trembling with an uncontrollable shiver and still, there was a distant exhilaration coursing through her a desperate fulfillment, that made her feel light, and easy, even as she stood up and walked into the road, even as the town mob, slapped handcuffs on her and stuck her in the backseat of the car. Will explore the aftermath of Bonnie's arrest after this? Darkness tragedy pain. These things hide within every beloved institution. And most people are none the wiser every week. The park cast original, the dark side of pulls back the curtain to bring you the most salacious stories and disturbing details behind everything we hold most dear. You'll learn the dark side of Hollywood, where on the set of the wizard of Oz numerous accidents and actors to the hospital, and Judy Garland was beaten by director and Nazi sympathizer, Victor Fleming, the dark side of music, more Elvis, Presley was so obsessed with death that he brought France to a mortuary at three AM to look at corpses and the dark side of the bible, which contained stories of demonic giants, unicorns and child sacrifice. You've heard the good side. Now here, the dark side of search for and. -cribe to the dark side of on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts again, searched the dark side of or visit par cast dot com slash dark side to listen now. Now back to the story. On April nineteenth nineteen thirty two Bonnie Parker and Ralph Foltz were arrested after an attempted robbery at a hardware store in Kaufman, Texas. Both refused to identify their third accomplice, who was, of course CLYDE barrow Klein trying to uphold his promise of rescuing his lover and his partner over the next few days. He attempted various robberies to earn the supplies. He would need to break them out of prison. However, these were either botched called off or in one case involving the murder of an innocent citizen, CLYDE, wasn't the one to pull the trigger. In fact, he wasn't even in the room, but the wife of the deceased man, identified, CLYDE, as one of the three men present. He was now officially wanted for murder forced to lay low. Clyde, could only listen through the grapevine as Foltz was sentenced to ten years. In prison, and he could only pray as Bonnie was brought in front of the Kaufman grand jury on June seventeenth nineteen thirty two it had been two months since Bonny's arrest. She occupied her time by writing stories and poetry one in particular, Koster, mother, great dismay as a subject of the poem seemed awfully familiar. There, I fell for the line of a henchman a professional killer from CHAI. I couldn't help loving him madly for him. Even now I would die. One year. We were desperately happy are ill gotten gains we spent free. I was taught the ways of the underworld, Jack was just like a God to me. Though the story took on some rather large exaggerations. It's clear that she was relying her venture into the criminal world through love, Sal, the main character of the poem laments than after taking the wrath for her lover, Jack, he fails to break her out and she gets five to fifty years in prison. However, the real Bonnie Parker was not so unlucky in court. Bonnie alleged that she was kidnapped and forced to participate in the Kaufman robbery. It was a story. She had practiced with Foltz it worked. The grand jury ordered Bonnie to be released immediately. Her mother Emma rejoiced, believing that now was finally the time, Bonnie could break free from clydes, suffocating, influence, Emma's dreams were not to be when she was released. Bonnie went back to CLYDE straight away. She moved in with him and Raymond Hamilton. Another ex convict in Wichita falls, her desire to reunite so quickly with CLYDE was interesting for two reasons, I it's a litte fide that Bonnie had little to no interest in pursuing a career as a waitress or any other profession in which her middling income would leave her relatively trapped second Bonnie knew that, CLYDE, had no intention of ever going to prison again, after failing to retain an honest job. He made the choice to fully pursue a life of crime. That choice had a singular outcome. Clyde would die. He would do everything in his power to avoid capture. And if that meant going down with guns blazing so be it Bonnie was well, aware that CLYDE felt this way it was. The reason he left her in the irrigation ditch in Kaufman. He knew she could survive a stint in jail. He could not. So when Bonnie chose to go with CLYDE in nineteen thirty two she was choosing to die with him. This is how strong her love was for the well dressed charming year old she would break the law would defy and reject. Her mother would sacrifice her own life if only to live briefly with, CLYDE barrow the deal they made wasn't a deal with the devil. It was a deal with Aphrodite -i with her son EROs the one who shoots arrows through your heart. Accept these wouldn't be EROs. They would be forty five caliber bullets from automatic rifles. Client had already been testing out the limits of his newfound packed and his days before prison. Clyde, would always run when confronted with authority. Now he was overtaken with an instinct to fight a two thousand four study and behavioral. Neuroscience lent, by Menno crook. PHD found that stress hormones in rats and aggressive behavior work together in a positive feedback loop. That is when the stress hormone increased aggression increased and displaying aggressive behaviors increase the production of the stress hormone nothing stress CLYDE out so much as returning to prison, or he was overworked lived in squalid, conditions and was repeatedly abused and sexually assaulted the simple thought of returning. Into that environment was enough to cause, CLYDE to lash out so whenever confronted by police and thereby the possibility of arrest, CLYDE, began resulting to violence, this only served to snowball his aggressive tendencies. Whenever CLYDE found himself in a jam. So in the coming months of nineteen thirty two and nineteen thirty three CLYDE and the barrow gang were responsible for the deaths of several men on August fifth nineteen thirty two clients shot Eugene, more an under sheriff from string town, Oklahoma. And a firefight instigated by the illegal consumption of alcohol outside of a community dance on December twenty fifth nineteen thirty two client shot Doyle, Johnson and front of his family after he tried to stop CLYDE from stealing his car on January six nineteen thirty three CLYDE shot. Fort Worth deputy, Malcolm Davis with the shotgun at point blank range client began to build a reputation. He was well dressed and put together he carried his signature gun a Browning automatic rifle. He drove fancy cars and often had a particular beautiful young. Woman at his side. It became a trendy thing in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico to attribute a crime to CLYDE barrow and his gang. He was a mobile outlaw he could dry for hours on end without rest. So when simultaneous reports of robbery emerged in both Texas and Oklahoma. Of course, they were attributed to the ghost bandit of the southwest in reality most of these crimes, we're not clydes doing, but he did appreciate the mystique generated, he in Bonney started collecting the various news articles about him as veneers. The pair weren't just kids from the slums of Dallas anymore. They mattered. But

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