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Davidson Steph curry had reached double figures in scoring every game in his career through that point except for water that came against Duke as a freshman the second team all American was sitting at seven early points for the Wildcats now let's rejoin Brad chairman John Thompson in Raleigh with just over eleven minutes left in the first half and get back over the early late twenty to fifteen three point shooting important Bergen's Agosto par John Thompson they are four of six from three point range and up there eight field goals four of them are three pointers Davidson is just one of those one at a whole lot to do our goal is always to try to fix it out he demands a lot of attention because of the privacy so strongly getting the trappings of the outside I'm surprised at the actors studio both of these teams all the talk about the position of office I've done a good job Zach I will have a high valve and day Margot and ray and down on the floor it is curry bar Sander Richard analog Dale back into the game for the Davidson Wildcats in red the can't say the Midwest region Davidson throw the ball in and underneath the Lovedale good inbounds play and what they opened with a layer of me almost missed it Ellen will use a low balls in this tournament almost broke down in the basket come out last night the same thing happened all over the country Gonzaga three point lead to the ball twenty to seventeen Fargo with curry on him no one can get open this is the defense John Tubbs is talking about both of Greensburg bird wrestled with that term they did a great job of covering up the privacy and now I'm a Sander moved to address a little too aggressive he throws him into the big freshman Austin day and Sandor draws his first file Davidson support I do with these games room officiated sometimes reunion CAA tournament games because of the pressure on the reservations about the let your voice did you ever say that as a coach I like the way this can happen a day after it now four Gonzaga jobs between the circles the downs quick dribble down the right sideline out the park go to the elbow on the right side over curry right away no good and the rebound good position by love Dale who saved her Davidson roadhouse in person but I love the most cuisines like one after the stop Richards now it's love Dale in the circle it would like a shot now they'll turn around take it no good back iron the structure of the global in the third row with yeah thank you shouldn't take the threat I felt got the rebound the best bargains that guy whose first job was correct day at the three point line website that's into the paint hanging off the glass no good hi well is there for the rebound for Gonzaga and one early indications are that the dragon may have a little bit of a length of vantage in late June I'm surprised you both are Davis who grew I look good too much of a jump start the repressive been put on the perimeter let me grow up bar Mr gray for Davidson with an air ball they get back to Steven gray hits his fourth three pointer for Gonzaga they go up twenty five seventeen and Davidson will call its first timeout rake in the action in the first half the score is good that you're twenty five and David's in seven days the on the glass Gonzaga has an eight to five advantage overall just look for the last couple of minutes with the substitutions that mark you have made John that he's got making some depth and length that Davidson might have a little trouble entering with the game on them and I think you were right to to start to kick in right now particularly the longer you go in the game tickling the substitute survey then you can find a place to toggle box out as much as you guys go to the boards will aggressively put a premium on Davidson to take absolutely the best shots they can and get jag is gone to a two three zone now here comes the Davidson Wildcats down the right hand corner Paul Scott was on the short with the jumper the rebound is pitch out of bounds off part goes ham Davidson will have a back in usually coaches who would usually come out of time out in the polls and coaching within all principle is you just put a little wrinkle you can expect the problem to go back to may as real soon Davidson made six of their first nine shots only one of their last seven and that's one reason they're down by eight points now as Richards operates a top that two three Gonzaga's owner is wanting Polish Gosselin to move on the left side over the right and crossed for the Balkans the Polish guys run back up top Richards now love Dale in the middle of the zone is cut off by day but I got two or three really long players down the bottom of that zone for Gonzaga list but the Booker everybody's totally curry is Richards missed a jumper from the right elbow and a long rebound comes down to good jacket day outlook the gray perfect from the line from the three point line his beat inside for hi that was knocked out of bounds by a Davidson defender Aniston's agas ball into the basket twenty eight to shoot eight forty six remaining in the half well there is a woman cool floral park trying to deny him the ball trying to force other players that have a downs takes the inbounds pass from Fargo and now Jeremy Pargo from Chicago operating at the point guard brigades I get between the circles with the double calls a play shot clock to fifteen models guys looking in right knee I shot clock comes with ten Margo's gonna handle this off the screen hi today he shoots water from Durham it's no good and the rebound swept up into the air volleyball style and one by downs Brigham zag back the gray another three up top that's what he wants to grow you talked about them live their lives not just helping guns that go on the boards is also your concert offices to those guys is so far above everybody curry misses from the right baseline for Davidson the other end Gonzaga missed an alley oop and the ball off the glass rebound the curry Hey bill goes to the Florida slap it loose he gets it back Richard trying to go out to you and day warm player steals the programs I guess now he runs he's filed by Jason Richard great defensive play by day break who was the guy with the ball towards the receiver term right but they still work seven forty three remaining in the.

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