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Let her drive is backed up north bound between Randolph and north I'm Laurin up the from the I. dot traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the news is next the first time skilling's forecast a winter storm watches been issued for the weekend rain ice and snow are headed this way tonight windy with rain gusts around forty miles an hour low forty one tomorrow the rain returned around lunch time cloudy with temperatures falling to the forties during the day hire forty five Saturday rain and sleet during the day windy with gusts up to fifty miles an hour rain changes to snow after sunset a high of thirty four Illinois Senate minority leader says an old email from a lobbyist to two aides of former governor Pat Quinn is not only disgusting but reprehensible the email refers to a rape in Champaign and goes pay rolling it comes from lobbyists might McLean is also a close friend of house speaker Mike Madigan I have authored a letter today that I'm sending to the director state police and I'm sending to a copy to the governor and the other three legislative leaders handing her letter requesting that he opened an investigation into this Brady spoke with WGN's roe Conn this afternoon governor press Chris turn the matter over to the inspector general federal prosecutors are appealing the sentence against a man convicted of plotting to blow up a car bomb outside of a loop bar they don't believe it was tough enough WGN's Ryan borough has more adult I used was just eighteen years old when he was arrested for plotting to blow up a crowded bar in the loop the bomb was a fake set up by an undercover agent federal prosecutors want to die you to spend forty years behind bars he got sixteen he set to be released in twenty twenty six he was also convicted of attempting to solicit the murder of an undercover FBI agent the Tribune reports prosecutors are now asking the seventh circuit court of appeals to vacate the prison sentence saying it's too lenient said he poses a danger to society tell you to turn these have until next month to respond right bro WGN news a major development in the investigation into a Ukrainian plane crash the NTSB has been by invited to visit the plane crash site in Iran but sanctions on Tehran mean investigators have to get approval from the U. S. to visit here's ABC's David curly pictures from the scene showed what appeared to be shrapnel holes in the wreckage of the Ukrainian jet president trump wouldn't say if he thought the jet was shot down but somebody could have made a mistake I some people say was mechanical I personally don't think that's even a question personally you're wrong continues to deny it shot down the jet calling it scientifically impossible ABC news reporting that Iran turned on a radar aimed at the jet liner which will guide anti aircraft missiles from a mobile launcher on this vote the yeas are two hundred twenty four and the nays are one hundred and ninety four the democratic controlled house passed nonbinding war powers resolution today limiting president trump's ability to take military action against Iran Democrats have proposed a similar measure in the GOP run Senate that a few Republican senators might support Britain passed a major milestone on the road of brexit today the house of Commons approved a bill that also authorizes the country's departure from the European Union the bill now paves the way for the U. K. to leave the European Union on January thirty first get out the boots and the shovels the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for the area beginning tomorrow night WGN meteorologist Dimitri's ivory says whether or not you see snow or rain will depend on where you live you live south of Chicago I think that if you're gonna mostly see rain out of this thing potentially some freezing rain if you live north of the city I think freezing rain could be possible but especially in our northwest suburbs.

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