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It all comes together so well and you look at this trailer here like it looks. The movie looks very dark but it also looks very out of this world. I guess like it has feels like a science fiction. Movie doesn't feel like like you ought to feel like they were looking in front of a green screen. Yeah you ought to be like men in black or whatever. Modern sci fi movies are out there. They all have very campy looking there. It's all very can't be looking right but this this looks like you're watching a book and this looks like you're watching it. The action take place on another planet right and it just. It looks beautiful. And it's so intriguing. And it. Just i wanna be there. You know. i don't necessarily want to be in the war. But i just wanna like i wanna know more about this like i want to go further and i loved the idea because i could see josh. Brolin's gurney character which was played by patrick stewart in the original movie. Is you see in the trailer there. He's telling everybody run. Run run large battled. I can see josh like running. Yeah yeah. I mean it's happening but yeah just it looks at it. Does it does in like dennis. Vella nude like he was wanting to tell more he wanted to finish the blade runner story but he never got that opportunity but with this one. He may still if this does well. Yeah that'd be the hope with this one though. Like i love the idea of him getting to movies because yeah one. It's so awful when they have to take all the you know the trilogy of books or whatever all all the books and shoved them into one story..

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