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More with. At you and KARN said striving foot traffic and getting people to gasp leave their laptops and actually had to brick and mortar. So she talks about how last week she went to a mall in Ohio with her friend. And it's it's one of the more popular malls in Ohio. She and her friend went to Sephora lush bath and body works free people forever. Twenty one. She said neither of them could even muster try anything on. She said overall. I believe I spent about seventy dollars on things such as Roma therapy lotion at bath. And body works a thirty dollar Nour's lipstick pencil. It's four a hair clip and a pajama tanktop at free people and a shampoo bar and facemask lush still quite a bit of money, and no clothing or anything. I'm going to use outside of the comfort of my own home for that matter as I looked at my purchases for the day. I realized that the idea of shopping for clothes purely exhausted me, and I was much more interested in spending my heart earned dollars on things that will be used from start to finish. And be with me every day like a lipstick. I understand that. And that's how was like a really fun hall, by the way. Right. I would be thrilled with that hall sort of goes back to Sydney China help her husband, find drescher. It's like do you want to spend all your time for clothes all day or do you want to go by like the bath bomb? That's gonna make you feel good as soon as you get home from that shopping trip. Yes. So thank you Natalie for that. We had a quick update from the anonymous person who a couple of weeks ago had asked us about job advice. The person said I had a random dream about you both the other night. I was at some sort of conference, and you both were up there. Speaking limit time came for the Email jingle I stood up and sang, the just pop fashion gmaiLcom and made a fool of myself. You guys are even haunting me in my sleep. I would share for you. If you sang the song. If we're haunting you in your sleep. That means you should stop listening to us before bedtime. I disagree..

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