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Steve in the world's number one team is out of the Toda FRANZ at the mall, a week speculation on the arrest of the team's management. The riders themselves last night's sensational thrown out as well. On this really is a black day for the Toda frost laugh to say in the twenty six years reported on this tour, I've never ending quite like it. Well, that's year on the tour. You had all these usual guys. You'd seen Seiken races were completely loss with no idea how to cover the kind of crime story. You know that that did not familiar with legal procedures. They were not familiar with police investigation and stuff, and you had all these guys knew nothing about cycling Banou. That was to say new, you know, culprit twenty so one. So, I mean, there was a mixture of those two words of journalism. It was quite interesting. So thanks to our sources. We were breaking like story day, like first of all was total denial than we know sales started to say, well, maybe we don't know. And so on. So we were in Britain and we went onto surely where we were this germ. We actually re recorded a episode of the podcast, two hundred meters from the police station where Bono's are was interviewed held for questioning and while in front of the police cracked. And that was a major moment in the history of anti-doping nece recycling. For the first time ever. A cyclist our team director was held by the police on doping grounds and change the perspective of doping completely before that everybody on wild open, you know as well. Okay, it's not it's against the rules, but it was never something illegal. He was never seen as a crime. He was never seen a something that the police could you know in interfere with and say. Well, you you've been held in jail? I, it's a serious offense. I mean, so far it was like, you know why? It's only the word with with what we want, you'll have to interfere with that, you know? And and so when who said was held for investigation, showed it cracked completely. They all these then all said, well, yes, there was all nice doping into team. We devote who had been l. for questioning as well in Lille said the same and the son in more and more to accuse Veon. So he took a little bit of time because of course, I mean, also for questioning in confessed than there was organized opinion within fifteen, but we didn't know I'm in the press in the no. I mean the police, you have your sources, but you know they don't. I mean, we had no source at the Shirley police station. We actually broke the surreal to the lawyer. The Tibo the memorial thought it was better for his client which was Bruno's and not to be the the loan guilty party. So we actually called him one morning the next morning. He said, and while you actually dictated communicate statement, it maintenance said, well, yes, Bruno's salad mitzvah that was organized being under the the idea was to say, we organize Pinson teams because we want. We didn't want ROY Rogers dope individually. We thought it was better for that health. And this way was aware to say, look, put, always sell, discovered that there was the the team he wanted to curb it couldn't do anything about it decided to to organize it, and it was a way to kind of, you know, make his forts a little bit less important. So that's when Charlie Leblond decided to kick the team out of the tour news. This is your own decks, clear lucky, festina, false shoes rule. And so the funny thing was that the tour organizers Somali LeBlanc is right, right hand man at the time was John wrong would like to become the director of flood Landis and Tim, the rights. Well, if Kelly Vance in in in this case, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's a better story. But and Jordan every day would come to the press from, you know, at at the end of the day, like seven o'clock asked me if I could come into some little blown office to tell what was going on because he had no idea. So they were really not on top of the story at all. I, I read here and there that they were, you know, kind of a company ceased to the to the to the scandal that they knew and did nothing. Well, that's not my experience..

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