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The few now the Wildcats hang on to a three point lead seventy two sixty seven the Wildcats really broadly here that I hang on as the fall is cranked up the pressure they call that value on that Miller pass Jones yeah right is it yeah Miller crop which day okay well I I I thought that was a bit at the other end you know the research here play not to lose they gotta keep attack helicopters in over three got let go if you lose you know your after the fall is really got up on their heels specter had a little bad stretch there after the really good stress I think it's time to make some plays for the state seventeen thousand all the cats now if your order is back in the Wildcats have their five starters out there now for the call for all three all the land and more at the free throw line of were two for two from the line in the game first one any Mister hello to surprise his to get free throw shooter now yeah what are the odds of Mrs too well sometimes the Red Sea make it because of the way the offense of re the makes a seventy sixty eight two point lead for the Wildcats three fifty to go brewing the ball up the three minute mark here off the cop circling to the right if you don't know me well No Way gave her between the rings Turner kills the trouble to young shark market twelve and often got hold on him do we have to check out the murder of three for the right thanks to all who live no good all the rebound all the polls but to check in wrote about young got pushed away from the basket it was a good call you know with northwestern way be worth checking out you can hold with you can't put your hands back in back of me not about second ballot box right you'll get the free throw line the sixty two percent shooter one in one year free for all and good thanks to the three point lead the Wildcats seventy one six Spencer is we were coming here to Ryan young these three grow up in the middle both the fifth through possession game with three twenty one to go seventy two sixty eight while Cavaliers homelands playback top it off the board more works of a read street on the left wing and watches the three reporter Charlie for is for the game twenty three points one point seventy two seventy one heck of an authentic lawyer twenty three thirty four we'll try Mr all the land now more he will give it all all the lives of three the yeah move makes me leave Medicare for four point play your performance three five more and hold the line eighteen lan seventy eight percent fell shooter the end one here to make three point lead for the fall and if the river drive seventy five seventy to the pole four point one eighty two thirty six to go this meant to bring the ball up a while being pulled by the war and her raspy drive into the way the way say five but polling for has it on the right shop pocket twelve back to Spencer great point John well guarded back ray lost the ball dilaudid hi bill small the poll Spencer I was trying to call a timeout he was the jump I am not Montenegro seven room here but ruby free throw line eighteen one of one here with seventy seven percent the room re grow up in a room now all way to go seventy five seventy two Nepal is there request for more which is where the laidback sit down tries again with Louis on a lot yeah clearly you seventy seven seventy two minute forty eight the the nominal run at the worst possible yeah seven thirty three one for what's left Spencer the young relocates lays it anti about seventy nine seventy four minutes what we want to go this project hello but what a four point tonight the Wildcats help the ball out here with her over the worst possible time the film the handling of the wall even if they did yeah drop the ball I don't know that Peter constant pressure or I don't know what that was amazing he turned over down the stretch while one minute left Paul has a five point game seventy nine seventy four one twenty one showing of the five yeah both correct the deal right now what's the board would but yeah I think I would I would go with either war yeah northwestern wins I still think it's brewery the poem is a really popular by Pete but either way yeah that's the minute twenty one it goes all the way down the more with the flu mostly by brewer eighteen thousand son I left work I recently read the skip to pass the weeds this compact stock markets gave it a minute there's more alone so long it might even longer who is very seventy nine seventy portable fifty five seconds to go the Wildcats wound down names brewing neon Spencer cop out there for a while leave the fourteenth which we just spent three driving hard yes No Way Out listed young grabbed the rebound in a row well he was currently more to the young man save your on the board is the ticket literally on the board he spent the.

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