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To a little bit of or you're a campground radio station yeah the campaign trail koa and we'll just like here you've heard on on our stores everywhere uk did away the world is coming to an end the the political world kohl moral our culture is in turmoil whoa whoa problems our fiscal problems the bar dolly got a bear as cheap going on in denver stood i want held that knowledge knowledge you may or may not be aware that in two thousand five there was a hurricane by the name of the ruling katrina it started off horta of africa and made its way across the atlantic as a tropical storm the coming through the color formed into a hurricane and encounters skirted around the florida keys monroe kelly florida that encounter moved into the gulf of mexico moc reach the gulf of mexico because that particular august was the particular suburb incredibly hot the waters of the gulf mexico were amazingly war swim swimming pool officials are cool leave did look gulf of mexico from the hurricane katrina the hurricane intensified up to a category five on its way to somewhere between pensacola and houston at a course if you're familiar with the probability that was the probability summer between pensacola and uh houston finally sorted bearing down on a little town called clinton's and by the time it hit the coast it was no longer a category five it was a measly little category three it is a can law wounds didn't really do much damage other than to cross lake pontchartrain where the storm surge as new circulate show the hurricane push to swarm waters the water back across to lay back toward the self while that water began to wash up and began to flood nolan the flooding became so severe that after decades and decades of corruption because of the lovey districts that would rather have um mardi gras all parties looms spin taxpayer remonial actually maintaining levies or maintaining the pumping system book nauruans relies upon to keep water elephant streets twitter has a thunderstorm all of those things field the mayor failed the governor failed the entire firstly to know of louisiana failed however all that was entirely my fault if you if you read anything in the mainstream media impartially continued to blame me for everything union george bush hated black people we can we your conspired to blow up the levies and rail it was just all our fault that was.

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