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Working out at a team of people. Pass him the ball and he was getting shots up and working on going to the hole. And then it was impressive and to see that Translate into game action toe like where he never left off. Remember, he was on a hot streak. 19 points in this last game in his hometown in Wichita against that team, they didn't get the win. But to have him pick up where he left off is impressive today. In his last four games before the six game stretch of postponements. Zack Harvey was averaging just under 14 points. Temples ball to begin the second half. Cincinnati on top by six. Jeremiah Williams, who had nine points in the first half pizza to the low block and JP Mormon jumps to get Jeremiah Davenport in the air puts up a shot that goes in foul called on Davenport. They count the basket. NBA style. Yeah, Davenport is known for Po going every time somebody pump fakes. You know he's hanging on the Raptor whenever you look into the sky, but that imports got some get back in them. So there's been a lot of talking, going back and forth. I love that competitive edge. JP Mormon makes the free throw to complete a three point play. Cincinnati had a 32 to 22 lead late in the half. Temple is scored seven straight points. It's a 32 to 29 game early second half Haven't poured Has it at the right. 0.2 steps outside the three point strike, both sets the screen. Now it's Mike Adams would back to Davenport into the middle of the lane boat. Within easy left hand scoop, tremendous entry pass by Jeremiah Davenport. He looked right over a coach and getting the fist. It says. I got your coach 34 29. Cincinnati with a five point advantage Less than a minute into the second half. Williams feeds it to the low block and Damian done no look Cross court pass of Andre Perry. Mrs. An Open three and another rebound for to Julius, his seven Cincinnati into the front court. Julius Driving Slows down the left elbow finds Devenport 43. It's no good offensive rebound boat does it back outside for Davenport, now Michael Adams Woods. Top of the key for the Julius Left hand dribble, beats it over to Mike Adams. Woods finds Julius up top, but he threw it too wide of them, and it goes out of bounds. Mm. Julius was relocating and that ball came right behind him. Sort of a nonchalant baseball pass. By Mike Adams. Woods 10 Turnovers for Cincinnati, Only five for Temple Temple had 19 when these two teams met eight days ago. Why did they only give him 20 seconds? Battle driving on Julius Running shot. No good rebound snatched by Davenport outlets boarded Julius pushes it into the front court, driving into the lane pizza over the vote, and his shot is blocked out of bounds by Forrester. He's gotta go up strong that he's leaning with his body and trying to avoid the defender defenders only 6 FT eight So if you could just catch it and go put that farm in his chest and put it up, then you can score. It feels like he's rushing is yes. Keep Williams has it. Give Andre Perry crowding him Keep spending into the lane, dribbling near the right elbow passes backward for Adam's Woods shot blocking 10. Micah Cross court pass to Julius Open three. Short rebounded by DIVX. Andre Perry, Cincinnati up by five temples ball in the front court. Here's Jeremiah Williams. Julius will defend cross court feet for Mormon drives on Davenport gets to the rim help defense by boat to effect the shot. Offensive rebound for Temple Williams for three. Too strong rebounded by Mike Adams Woods. Outlets for Julius, who pushes the pace passes for Adam's Woods. Now it's Williams to the rim got to be a foul and there's the whistle tremendous passed from Majka. Adam's words to a little hand off like they were running a beer and they gave the ball to keep Williams and he slices from the wing to the middle. Puts it up and attack. I love the cross court pass first by Julius I was called on JP Mormon, his second Two foul shots coming for Keith Williams. Making 65% so.

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