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Responsibly for help visit empty gambling. Helped out or go call 1 800. Miller. It's 7 18 traffic and weather on the eighth. Jack Taylor in the W T o P Traffic center will start in Virginia. Bruce coming out of Alexandria arrived the inner loop of the Beltway. She had passed Van Doren before the Springfield interchange. We've gotta reported crash along the right side of the road White now on 3 95 headed north bound. It'll be heavy passing Duke Street. But now we've got the broken down vehicle after Glebe rode along the right side of the roadway caution down in Woodbridge, the accident shouldered 95 main line north bound. You're the Prince William Parkway Still grabs a little attention is you've got activity there. 50 and Shan Tilly out in your Centerview drive. There'd been that crash. Thie structure fire in Alexandria Fire departments on North Washington Street. Between Franklin and given streets. The fire itself is on south a staff and that is blocked between given and Franklin streets. The intersections are going to be blocked on North Washington to get you to Franklin and given streets to just be aware, 66 remains little bit heavy, coming eastbound getting into Centerville. Then again, passing 1 23 that way's fine right now out of Springfield, riding on the end of the Ended up into Tyson's in Maryland Beltway topside out of just a bit heavy passing Georgia Avenue to 70 is without delay, north or south between Bethesda and Frederick 3 55 South poundage rolled into Rockville in north Bethesda, south of Montrose Road, Mount Montrose Park Way It's ongoing crane work. Single Lane is going to get you through till three. This afternoon. Earlier, we'd had an issue on Pennsylvania Avenue inbound. That left turn lane. The light takes toward joint base. Andrews was short timing, not giving you a lot of time so it had caused an early, slow down D. C. Tu 95 south bound the ramp to East Capitol Street. You're under direction from an earlier disabled vehicle. Earlier that ramp had been closed. North East Mount Olivet Road is blocked between Monticello Avenue and Trinidad Avenue because of a water main break and beach drive still closed till further notice. Between Black and Avenue and Park Road with severe road damage due to the recent flooding plan on crossing the Bay Bridge. Get current traffic in bay bridge dot com or 1877 Base ban All electronic tolling is now live Get easy passed today. Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic, not a storm team for a meteorologist Lauren Rickets while the sun is up, But once again we're dealing with that hazy sun today if we did not have smoke from the wildfires Pushing into our atmosphere..

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