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Ninety days the governor Charlie Baker today signed a distracted driving bill into law that outlaws the use of hand held devices while driving it was pretty much a formality but rancher officially set the first in the nation primary date for February eleventh Michael Bloomberg's officially the presidential race he won't be participating in the early states though including New Hampshire house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says a full report on impeachment will be submitted to the Judiciary Committee soon after the thanksgiving recess I did the same for a Turkey farmer this is like the Super Bowl for two turkeys named bread and butter they'll avoid being put on a plate both birds will be at the White House tomorrow one of them will get an official pardon from the White House Willie Jackson raise the birds on his farm in North Carolina if your Turkey girl or this is about OCU whenever you're winning a Peabody or pull its products here this is about the top is about as good as it gets the nod kid with my wife you know us and we will get to grow to president for fox but don't expect a lot after that that's pretty much it everything here for me down here from here all here's the deal with the pardon of the Turkey you can actually help decide which bird gets the pardon and White House dot gov slash gobble the matter how you vote just before falling because both birds live out their retirement on a Virginia farm if travel is in your thanksgiving plans you're hardly alone especially the sky's the transportation security administration says this is looking like the busiest holiday travel period I record spokeswoman Lisa fab or Steve says knowing what you could bring on the plane will save you a lot of house right down to it should pack in your carry on bag or your check back so for example if you can spell it spread it spread it on the record with it in your check back in any solid food you should be okay to be able to put in your carry on bag searches pies and cakes the roads will also be jammed this week Maryland highway administrator Greg Slater has some advice for anybody traveling wherever they're traveling for longer trips we advise you pack supplies are merging see Kate snacks back your phone charger please always hands free put your phone down researchers at the university of Rhode Islander testing cutting edge technology for the TSA according to CBS this morning one of those new tech items is a digital dog knows it's about the size of a cell phone with a sensor that can be mounted on a drone and help homeland security detect homemade explosives about as well if not better than a bomb sniffing dog another of your eyes creations is a jail called from it's designed to counter threaded a transit hall by surrounding an explosive or chemical agent and then flash freezing it York's governor Mario Cuomo catching some Flack for sparking unnecessary fears about a hoax bomb threat against time square your post reports patrols were beefed up in the area even though the NYPD didn't think that's right was credible at least credible enough to make it public reaction from New Yorkers.

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