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The news went out of the news pretty quick because of the reporter david farren fold i think david theroux who looked into he just started out by just looking into well from in a campaign stop shows up and says hey i'm giving this huge check to veterans right and he had this giant check you know like publishers clearinghouse or something and said my foundation is giving this thought he'd look into it he started looking into who got the money did they get the money on any start finding on nobody was getting any of this money so he's he started digging into the whole story and he started finding out all this stuff about trump foundation first of all at a campaign stop saying your phone dacian is giving money to whoever that's a legal right on the face of it because the foundation isn't used in a campaign at all so that's your legal first of all but he started finding out the money doesn't even come from trump it comes from the big donors that are backers of trump he gives out the money as if it's its own and he started looking into things like what are they really using the money for and started finding out that everything they use the money for was illegal like one of them they got just you remember hearing about this this huge portrait of trump right foundation money and then they hung it in maralago well that's trump using foundation money to do a personal purchase or a business purchase and he found out essentially it all started coming out at the foundation was just issued scam well last week the attorney general of new york coincidentally just after schneiderman is finally has to resign because of scandal that apparently trump organization knew about so here's this guy he's not prosecuting things he's gone immediately the new attorney general is is come out with a report on the trump foundation and it's criminality you know they cannot prosecute this foundation that's not what i stayed attorney general doesn't she referred it all to the federal election commission in the irs but apparently the trump foundation from the start was i create the worksheet us just simply a criminal enterprise from the beginning complete violation of all the laws related to how a charity is supposed to operate the board of directors.

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