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Alex, CBS, Mike discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast


Only reason why he got the roads because he had a contract with CBS in CBS is, you know, partners with the CW they forced their character contracts. Look at Michael poor Michael Emerson Owen, and he is he is a no name too. At any if you can't get famous, you might as well get infamous gas. I mean in this day and age me is almost better than fame. Like, I was just having this conversation not too long ago. What's like, that's thing? It's like is is is is there any bad fame? You know? We'll have you ever watched actual two and a half minute. I've seen wobbly like eleven to thirteen episodes Mike across all the seasons, including the agriculture ones. 'cause. Yeah. Used to come on before lake before the overs back in the day. And then it was Mike, Molly, two broke girls. But this episode where Alan turns evil, where he's basically scamming his family that him as lex. Really? So I just wasn't. So it's basically Allen Harper with a beard. Yeah. Yeah. You know Mary days. No. But I said if you like like, Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, lex Luther than you might actually like John criers there. But I'm smallville like that is my my definitive superman saw Michael Rosenbaum issues, my everything, and that's who I stack everybody up against in. He is at the bottom of the total roll. I mean, he's underneath that may be superman bucks. Because we all know that was much junior. Oh, wasn't real lax clone body. So you could they redeem that if they went the comic route and say, oh, yeah. That's old legs in a clone body. It made him a little crazy. Absolutely. Note that never will universe is dead. You know, vital album win inches. AM is the new guards. So. You is dead. I am so happy art over we can build some hope and half fun again. Carr's DC you need it. A good start. We gotta keep the trend. So anyway, but what did you think about this week's episode of supergirl again, I'm kind of I'm with you. It's just like it's it's the whole season. Okay. I I probably didn't mentioned this when I stepped away. How how do you feel about the Alex mind way all Ethel at that's such a cheat? Yeah. Why did you do that? That's because he's worried about her identity insists Bill. But if you look. Fair now, right. It'll be by the end of the season. Right. You I I'm assuming. Yeah. Because I was like what they would she keep her dark, but I guarantee you they will bring it back. But even there was like kind of Alex is idea is she gonna resent car up for doing it though. They it is about time for them to have another wedge in the relationship. Things have been going a little too good for the sisters. Or if she can't bring the I her all memories back, and she has to like reveal herself again is Alex gonna be all mad because she doesn't remember that. She was in on it. I don't know if it's tough to say because they had like I remember the first season Alex was a real hard sell on a real hard pill for on in the fans to swallow. Which is why I think that gave her the coming out story to account like soften her edges in the actress is really great. And she she does great work with limited script that they give her. So I don't know that they would necessarily want to erase all their goodwill. Yeah..

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