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So how do you know what your next step is. I always love people like you. Who are so in tune with like their guy regarded system from above unlike trusting. Their gut intuition. And clearly you have identified your dreams and talents and your drive and you're passionate a young age. You know you wanted to do for a long time. The more puzzle pieces that you found like the bluebird and realizing his country musee you died farther and farther into your passionate curiosity and love. because that's the sole guiding you. But how no when you have the green light to take that next step. When you are trusting and i love way said holding it open letting it having your visualization What your heart in your soul is telling you that you want to do but then like leading the pieces fall. I love that so much relates that how do you know when it's time to make moot. But what does it feel like when you all of sudden like. Oh my god. This is the next i feel it. I think it feels like the most natural thing. Like i think so. Many people just don't trust themselves and don't trust what feels good to them because we're not really taught in this culture that what feels good to you is right like or that being happy and fulfilled is ultimately the goal. You know we're taught to all these other. Trappings of success successor. The goal. so. I think once you get really clear about your priorities. I think the next step is usually pretty obvious natural. I think it's only when i get my priorities out of order that i get confused and unsure of myself like when other people convince you that this should be a priority sir. You realize that you're living for this or this or this instead of your values like i think if you're really clear about your values and what you actually want then you can go. That's not to say that. Any external success. Trappings wrong because if that is your word that is your old than just go straight ahead that an has its own challenges but i think being cleared. I think so many of us especially women which so so commonly second guessing ourselves you know. An- not trusting ourselves not like really living for what's going to fulfil us and then by extension everyone around us so this is awesome that you know all this. How did you get this. How did you get this confidence when you go into therapy to get this or were you born into family. That likes top. This or was just innately. How were they. How did you know this in. What are your priorities in like. What is your clarity that allows you to stay moving on the skull without like looking left right and feeling like you might get lost in the traffic comparison or trying to live for what someone else ones or feel. Like you've had her a cow does have gotten sidetracked by all of that in state clear on your priority during your career because sure. There's a lot of chances that you could have tried to jump ship in like abandoned. The road you're on and kinda gore mainstream or you know do something of feels like could be quicker to success but you have staged their true. So what are your priorities in. How did you learn these well. I'm very step. For.

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