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In this piece he kinda goes from both sides are people who are saying it'd be it it'd be good to hear from colin kaepernick now as as you've heard from everyone else let's hear from the man there are some other people he was saying a delay cp representative are also say it he doesn't have to move you know we're speaking form it will i won't continuing i'm one zero gerbil we were just talking about your piece here usa today talking about cal academy could if they display of is it time for him to say something if peru tricky footwork and recur you happy ghana parker who you know what are you want him to pray i mean to you on the cock about who came to known that don't want to want to hiram or the kind of the whole movement and the moment and here roldan in through all the conversation and so i think it would be good for him and i wrote the column two at least um speak out a in terms of letting us know what he's thinking about all of this conversation not so much the bag for a job at all but i but i also think he's and he's got this great platform and people are interested in hearing from and if he wants to you know use that opportunity to further advance so you know his his 'cause i think that would be good but right now everybody's got an opinion about colin kaepernick a lot of people speaking on his behalf and i think that's good because i think any of us who follow football no that this guy should be underpinned somewhere and we know why not um but yeah i i think i'd like to hear from him.

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