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Denver, Von Miller, Marcus Davenport discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


So i get taken them but if denver's not a player away and they could have easily traded back had those two first round picks they already have a superstar in von miller to be able to trade up and i don't know maybe take marcus davenport at twelve if the gap wasn't that big and at pick twenty three you know get the best corner on your board get a wide receiver i mean to me the get offense of lyman the options are endless hell take one of the sweet running backs i don't know you would have had a ton of options the chances that let's say marcus davenport at twelve and will hernandez at pick twenty three or hell isaiah win who went next to the patriots let's say you had got those two players the chances that one of those players if not both of them become one becomes a pro bowler and the other becomes a good starter where bradley chubb also becomes a pro bowl i would rather have the pro bowl or and the good starter it's just basic math taking more swings i would always do this man that's why i thought green bay had probably the best draft of any team because next year they're coming into this draft process the entire offseason with multiple ones they can do so much even if those picks turn out to be picked twenty five and pick twentysix they can package both those picks and get in the top ten and get a player if they want they could pack it one of those picks and move up with their second round or to do something else and still have an after first round pick they're going to have so much wiggle room and i think elway i get what he did because he had so much excess once upon a time drafting von miller in the top five history shows us that most players you draft super high don't turn out to be on miller they just don't so i think he made a mistake i think the.

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