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A huge army at his command which could be increased at any time through the metex in the fifteenth century the inca had what was almost certainly the largest military in the americas this massive complex diverse empire reached the peak of its size and power less than a hundred years after petra cudi became sepah inca of what was back then just the kingdom of couse co but in the fifteen twenty two events happened in quick succession that set the stage for the empires fall the i was a huge epidemic which struck between fifteen twenty five and fifteen twenty eight it may have been smallpox the mumps or both whatever it was it had been introduced to the americas by the europeans in the indigenous population had no natural immunity people who became ill also experienced a range of complications including encephalitis hemorrhagic diarrhea and blindness emperor capac was campaigning near key to in what's now ecuador when this epidemic struck he died in fifteen twenty eight as did both of the governor's that he had left behind and the capital of couse go multiple important leaders in both cities died as well when a ca pock named one of his sons as his successor from his deathbed but that son died of the disease before he could even be informed and then wayne a ca pock died before he could be informed about his son's death this led to a civil war which will talk about after a sponsor break.

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