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Nine zero seven thirty three thirty nine if uh there was a specific news story that impact your view that maybe you thought was covered unfairly by the media and i can't imagine that um if there was something that really as they say tripura trigger but you didn't get any coverage on it then we'll take your calls uh we start tonight with the where else the sexual harassment suit it uh hit politicians and by the way there's a former congressman that is predicting twenty more congressmen are going to go down very soon with new allegations i'll anybody can accuse um let's take a look back as the sexual harassment uh which was soon to be hashtag me to first came to light 2017 a year in review sexual harassment hits politics accusations of sexual misconduct shaking washington in december i do not feel that he should continue to starve new york's kirsten jila brand as democrats called on minnesota's al franken accused of groping women to step aside i will be resign getting as a member of the united states senate four house members forced out congressman conyers should resign house democratic leader nancy pelosi calling out eighty eight year old democrat john conyers are used taxpayer funds to pay off a female staffer over sexual advances clamber texas republican blake faran hold admitting the same announcing my decision not to run for reelection arizona republican trent francs who offered an aide five million dollars to bare his child quit and the vat a democrat rubin q and won't run again after sexual harassment accusations alabama republican roy more called his accusers liars these allegations are completely falls let lost his december senate race accused of preying on teenage girls i'm michael toscano while five million dollars.

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