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Right. There in the sugar cane fields literally playing baseball and playing baseball on gravel dirt roads. They're not just out a little league field right. Yup So in Japan you know. Yeah they live and breathe it but they still have off season. I mean their whole start playing it up really softball like when their kids. They don't play with Harvey Play. Our boss right. Also now. They're going to be good because a lot of them are really good when they're young and then the competition steps up and a lot of them fall behind and then they go and study and worry about school. They all know they don't live the dream because if you're just sitting good player in Japan you play in the minor leagues and make great money for fifteen years. I was a kid that was drafted and he said No. I'm going to Japan years. Remember that a couple of years ago. I remember the story. I do remember that story. Didn't he just say just basically like it was big right as you said no? I'm not doing the. Us Link it's brilliant. Let me tell you why there you can make a living right. I was thinking about this the other day. You can go there gazing to get a signing bonus even play their mind leasing developed. But he's GonNa make sixty seventy thousand dollars per share depending on his contract but those guys make fifty sixty thousand dollars first year of my race and then they go upwards of like depending on the two hundred thousand dollars a year and they're getting called up wants to dig here. Why wouldn't the guy that knows? Hey I'm gonNA get drafted right. I'm on that thing. Why not go to Japan if they're willing to sign somebody and actually make money instead of coming here signing for okay you get a million dollars Greg but guess what your first paycheck in the minor leagues? It's seven hundred dollars before taxes if you've got a good American signing bonus. I mean that could be ten years worth of Japanese minor league salary. I know one person out of thousands that never made it to the big leagues and got a lot of money and still is money. It's a good point that CPO and their money when you give a teenager a million dollars okay you pay your agents your fees everything. Now you have to make a decision right or you go out and spend by cars by house do all these things then. You really don't have that much money you know. Why Not Negotiate? If you're a first rounder had give me two hundred thousand signing bonuses and they give me five years one hundred grand in the minor leagues that way. Just you know by your fifth year if you're GONNA make it to. The Big Leagues are not and that the whole time you have generated income rather than just wasting. Your money is you. Don't make any money in the save yourself from yourself. So what you're saying. Yeah I mean I think it's a better option. I don't know if you're good. I'd love never heard of it. I know God signed big or they could. I mean it's just it's just the big deal is that's the thing right because if they signed if they're not brought up than they become they just wipe out all that free agency. Are that those. Those years of control like Harper did that So it made no sense to keep him down in the minor leagues like he basically signed and signed his way to the big leagues with the way you negotiate his contract. Granny was the first overall pick. So you've got more leverage than anybody. I think what you're talking about interesting for someone who's probably outside the first round but you still have. I mean big leaguers all the time second third round Fourth Round Amanda. You're third rounder right. So it's the makes tons of sense if you can if you're okay with being you know your dream if it's not your dream to play for the Yankees or big league team. It makes a ton of sense to lever at least trying to leverage the Japanese league way. Whose dream would it be to not be Yankee? Looks back up here inspect US understanding because this is the problem. Nobody has understanding of what it's like. It's very difficult to point okay. And it's also even a more difficult to stay in the big leagues that are spark. And it's funny. Everyone thinks while I was gonNA say that view. Fall Jeff. Frye on twitter. He was on our show a couple episodes ago. He gets attacked a lot of people because he's been attacking people are just like fists flying in all directions but some was like you weren't even good in the big leagues like you weren't even as good as like a lot of those other players that played more and it was just like the dumbest statement them trying to attack him. The average hung around for nine nine nine years nine years. And that's what people don't understand like they've no like you said they have no real perception of how hard is to stay in the majors. Even if you're not playing all one hundred sixty two games in the year just to still be on a bigger grocer. Ten years later is super duper hard. Sorry Continue I. I would argue basically in the big leagues so we lost. I would say it's our. It's almost harder to be one of those four bench guys and stand the big leagues because they're gonNA constantly bring up guys that are either cheaper or younger or have a different tool set that they may need like those guys are dose. Guys are fluid those bench guys. I mean you really need to have a a niche to stay. Well you know ten years ago. You had batch. Guys'll they may grey living they were very happy making a million dollars every year to sit on the bench and fill in and play. Second Base Third Base shortstop outfield. They had those players now. The contract negotiations so serious with so much money. Those guys don't exist anymore. You are a start sitting on the bench now back then if you stayed in if you stay in the bay leaves for an extended period of time you are one the best players in the world. Okay so many people got the Begley very few. Stay there for ten years right. And it's great but you will know after three or four full seasons of your to Jackassery in Baseball. And if you don't then you just are not accepting reality so why not try to leverage a way for you to make money your third round going to get five hundred thousand dollars right well? You'RE GONNA walk home after buying a house. Your car drinking a ton of alcohol. You'RE GONNA has not enough money to pay your bills after three years because you just don't know anything about money. Nobody does and they leave school happier parents. They don't know how to operate two hundred thousand dollars chunk of money at one time. 'cause most of them never made it so. I think it would be better. I did say I want five years of making one hundred grand a year. Why not you have stability and you learn how to work finances. That's a reasonable reasonable assumption. So I think like you said there's been so many you've seen the stories of all sports. Were guys spend anyone there in the end in the NFL or the NBA? They're only getting six months of paychecks but they're spending the same amount that they spend during the season where they're getting their paycheck and the off season. So they're basically spending ten million as they make ten million. They spent ten million as they're making zero million and they just their career end suddenly and there's like. Oh wait I literally no money. A lot of super expensive things to pay for and broke and that's terrifying thing in the big leagues. Obviously you know you can live the lifestyle with the money that you're making the Meyer as is different because you try to live a lifestyle with making no money and every level you go up gets more right so you have to pay rent this that even in the big leagues.

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