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Muhammad. Also, those two that were in the same class or doing a nice job and really coming along. Well, and and then Eighty-three Eric all gonna ask you whose number eighty three was number eighty three. Well, he's just he's a mid year freshman from Fairfield high school in Ohio and. Again, he's just a freshman. But I doubt he's this guy compete till he drops, you know, is doing a heck of a job and all it took too much about it right now. Get him a big head. But. And if you doing good really really excited about him. I gotta talk about Peter Bush too tight end. That's that's doing a heck of a job. And then before I move onto the next topic. Did you notice Jordan Glasgow at all on the when you're watching? Did you watch some of the defense? All I watch is a guy yet. I mean just hair is literally on fire only way you described away play. He's become the guy that we gotta we gotta take out. You know, you gotta you gotta say that's enough. You know, you've been in there enough. He he must go about one hundred fifty apps on defense because he's he's in with the ones. He's in with the twos. He shows up in the threes. He plays will backer. He plays. Viper. And then when they go to to viper package the speed package. He's in there. He's in their starting on that as well. And they takes every every special team rep that he can take. And we've literally physically now have to to tell him. No, you're out. You might have taken one hundred fifty plays. Sunday's practice. Just I'm just on defense. Abso I wholeheartedly agree. I think you may be undershooting. And even I mean almost every play society exciting time. You know, we always go back you go back to at Stanford. We had those guys that you talk about in a meeting, and you didn't want to go through a five minute district -cation of all his qualities right because he had that many. So you just describing Baz a foot all layer layer. It sounds like he is. He is quickly or has already attained that title. Yeah. And Ben Mason, another guy, you gotta put an area. We started with the plan of of doing a day on offense and a and a day on defense. But now, we're he's doing both in in the same practice Saint kind of Saint progression. We did with Marie sick. When we made him a two way player now bench play. He's doing some some valley. He's coughing has at the three he's and coffin causing havoc. Broken anyhow at the three techniques not yet. But it's coming. It's a matter of time and playing running back and he's playing playing tight end and causing havoc on the D line. So I wanna read one twenty guys that we got we got a bunch of great tweets this week. And when there's a couple that are some really good questions that we're going to bring back next week when Jack comes back Tomba got this one tweet, and it was a question for you guys in particular for you coach is it hard for you. Go into your kids games and sitting in the stands and not being able to be their coach and being on the sidelines..

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