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And that was that was big for our race team and for those guys and so that's the kind of person that dinnie is san. Juan went up there to victory lane. That's the memory that all feel remember the rest of my life and he's somebody i have so much respect for i went up there and talk to him and in you could just tell how <hes> you know how emotional he was too because he was the rooting for me at the same time as racing that was that was crazy. He's just a neat situation and <hes> you know i saw when he was almost apologizing for winning and i'm like dude you on the race you had to a of the <hes> it's awesome and and <hes> you know so i just told him you know how appreciative i am for everything he's done and it was just really really kind words for for me and i was really cool and and emotional and that's just <hes> you know an interview to talk so much about us than me and i'm like hey man. He won the race either the what kind of a selfless person he said as much on t._v. I mean he of all people beat. He didn't wanna have to beat you so it's <hes> it's really a genuine anyone moment for both of you guys. Did you feel the collective. Just everybody rooting for you. I think even media members were rooting for you. The fans fans in the stands on t._v. I mean it was just i mean. Everybody wanted you to win yeah. That was what that was. What was so we most you know about it. All was that <hes> obviously it was a tough week. <hes> you know getting the news. I won't be able to return to a really tough on me my family and my wife yeah but you know that <hes> and you know nothing of the team's doing about levinas wife sharon are such good people as loved working with our team and i think they've loved working with me as well but <hes> just because of the circumstances you know financially <hes>. It's the reason nothing nothing more that so. They're great. The people on the opportunities been amazing but <hes> yeah so when that all happened yeah. It was a tough week but i went out there and we just you know being the whole team. Everybody just dug deep pit crew. Were i mean holy. Cow kick butt the whole weekend. It was amazing <hes> but i <hes> yeah we just dug deep and did our normal thing went out there and perform and that's what made it so cool cool is i think everyone just embraced in the story and the support afterwards is what kind of broke me down you know. I was trying to hold it together because the interesting tougher week <hes> but everybody just screaming for us to notice see and feel how many people were pulling for us is where i couldn't even hardly talk and get words out. That's where the emotion came from. You almost called your shot in the driver. Introductions you know you're wearing the boxing gloves and the cape and everything. I mean that that set the stage for the evening. I think it was <hes> you know getting stuff week. I was like man that driver intros and i think the the rocky thing would be perfect to underdog story and it's <hes> you know it's good. I like i like to have more meaning than just coming out to a song and so i was like all right this is <hes> this is perfect so came out the story and then finishing the night off that really you know we're really captured the story not insurance fun and it was cool. People enjoyed that all right. I'm gonna throw some stats achy achie- you lead the daytona five hundred just <hes> let a bunch of laps at bristol. You even lead talladega this year. You have an eleven point seven average finish finishing in the last nine nine races. That's a quarter of the season <hes> in my best seinfeld voice. One is a guy i have to do. That's it. That's the performance. This is been cool. It's been everybody just working together really well. We've all mashed <hes> and and <hes> it's it's all the the team you know wheels mike wheeler macaroni cheese pizza he's done. It's such a good job at the shop because we're a standalone team. You know or not <hes> you know. We don't have all the information from joe gibbs racing. They have to take the race cars that we get and in <hes> you don't make the make the most of.

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