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Coming hours. Sarah McCammon. NPR NEWS Virginia BEACH. A new poll from NPR and IPs IST shows Americans want the federal government to take a more aggressive approach to slowing the spread of the Corona virus and helping those struggling financially. NPR's Brian Man reports. The survey also shows that 3/4 of Americans now support rules requiring facial coverings in public. The survey found deep dissatisfaction among Americans with the federal government's response to the Cova 19 crisis so far, with 2/3 of people pulled, saying the U. S is doing a worse job than other countries. Sophie McClelland took part in the survey from Florida, which has seen a surge of new Corona virus cases. I think we're doing worse for one. I don't think that we have adequate testing, the obsessed poll found nearly 60% of Americans would support a mandatory nationwide shelter at home order lasting two weeks to slow the virus spread. 2/3 won a national plan for when schools and businesses should reopen. Brian Man. NPR NEWS The US Census Bureau says it's pushing up its deadline to complete the 2020 national headcount to September 30th. NPR's handsy low long reports, the Census Bureau is cutting short by a month, a collection of 2020 senses. Responses online over the phone and by mail announcement was posted in the bureau's website. Days after NPR first reported that door knocking and households that have not filled out a form on their own, will also end early on September 30th. Roughly four out of 10 households nationwide have not yet been counted and shortening the time for counting risks a severe under count of people of color, who are less likely than white people to do the census on their own. In a statement, The beer's director says the decision to speed up account was directed by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who oversees the bureau long NPR NEWS. New YORK stocks are trading higher on Wall Street. At this hour, The Dow was up 122 points. The S and P of seven NASDAQ composite Up to Your.

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