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A look hasn't nephews in me season he rat little hey ride in the letter might it was always in a bad mood in that stuff i'm either fighting with my brother i'm either fighting on my brother or something like that happens and we don't get the go to mcdonalds after or something like that so no i i don't really have any good memories of a two million getting this it's fine now cite you let him pick out a horrible tree mountlake when i was little i wanted to see trees blake i mean fasts and fasts and fasts i got my teacher all naumann mom and dad got zhaobo tree hang have to drink apple cider the guts look thing each how the any makeup ornament it's dishing out to give you appearance will be like no ought not much is the first of all you got all the money here look at where he would this week you're really lucky were getting it has regularly how 'bout this my parents were so cheap there were tired of bankers mr hasse so they distrusted north central tree and new dinette or if the lights tonight we got sucker for survivors the bars are blacked out on there as because they're not believe enough in santa anna i met making the kids you'll bad about it i bought this moonlights of come on if you if you're good this year fall yeah if you were good those lights will be on we had eight we had a nine kitten goal we had a ninefoot foot ceiling we had a non foot ceiling in our house and the nine and a half foot tree was cheaper they both and a half a tree and dimmed the top of it down faced it backwards in would just set the star up on the tree it's found hit of lean it again down all around purity tree friend here you're ryan's willie we need a real tree for in the here israel is thriller halloween decorations with that giant spdr it's arif yeah that's a that's our star italy's ride again we did we do need to get a christmas tree we'll we'll get on that how about this what are you are you a real or a fake tree kind of guy address quick poll quit pol call into a five nine four one one.

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