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I just think with them, right they look at value our how do they value their not you're not getting him for what? Is it? Six games? Right? Yeah suspension the first six games of his contract and he served he survived those games at the end one. It's one game. Okay, so then yeah, like maybe he's an option I again with I just I I've said this before he's going to be probably top three paid received. Free agency, right? If not top five. I you know, if you're going to spend twenty five million dollars at that position give me a $15 guy and a ten million dollar guy instead of just 125 million dollar guy. That's just thought, you know, the Patriots need more than one receiver more than one established receiver. Can they go to the draft sure, but what are they really have four nfl-caliber wide receivers on this roster? I you know what Julian Edelman status is going to be during the year. N'keal. Harry obviously is still a project to Mere bird is a third fourth receiver. Maybe he's not a guy you count on a Jacoby Myers is the closest thing they have and she's even you know, he he shouldn't be your first receiver. He should be your third or fourth. So right there you need at least two. If not three guys, if you spend all that money on will Fuller all that's going to have to happen is we'll Fuller's going to get double-covered and yeah, Jacoby Myers has a slightly better year than he did last year, but you're kind of just right back where you were they need to have Optimum. They need guys who will stress the defense from different points blowing twenty million dollars on will Fuller. Well, he's a good player doesn't solve that it needs to be multiple players. They need to build an offense not just a bulb talent and what it's going to cost them to bring in will Fuller I think handcuffs them in acquiring some of that second level talent that they ultimately need to get back into contention. Yeah, I agree with all that. I think the biggest thing was off though just to play Devil's Advocate is that the Patriots have been the slowest offense in the NFL for two years, right? They've been I would say even arguably three years if you want to go back to the 2018 season, even though I'm with a Superbowl not offense had issues certainly during the regular season that time that's a really big issues and will Fuller when he's healthy and that's that's a big if if he's healthy he comes in here and he brings a level of explosiveness that they have not had since I guess Brandin Cooks, right? They they just haven't had somebody that can truly explode and create big plays for the offense..

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