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Julius cousin gave them some important advice on how to proceed advice that would stay with them throughout their reporting he told them. Don't just talk to these women like you might for an article like notes on a pad or whatever right the interviews down word for word to create a sworn statement because John. Markham you something that reporters were only beginning to understand if they were going to help the survivors to build a case against Leonardo. These statements had to be admissible in a court of law. D'amato provided shirt off Template let's say and he. He told us that how we had to explain the survivor. The girls how to how to put information and in a sort of order way which meant say everything even things that you might think are not important because maybe you just want to say about the violence but actually very important to put any of these. Remember for example. We got there by train. At this time we went to a gelatin area or any details. It's very important also to show that your memories consistent and you know what you're talking about. It was extremely reassuring for us to speak with the with. D'amato lawyer about this fact because at the moment We were absolutely not sure that statements would have been enough to start a case we we were really thinking that without something external like a third party piece of evidence or at least you know some medical reports or whatever the case would not start at all so when he just said okay. Let's collect the statements and then we can to prosecutor those Kinda reassuring John. Marco's advice was empowering because it gave them a plan they could finally act and the first call they made was to Maria. The reason why we took was very important to start Maria as because Marie has been disorder off strength and power behind older fourteen victims that reached out so we wanted to start sort of going back into this whole story. With the first voice that was media over the next few months through email text messages video calls and encrypted messaging. Maria told them her story so I said up from my chair after he finished dinner to start washing the dishes. The moment I and up I feel these huge hits in my head like very very strong. Cecilia had to get Maria to share every personal detail. Just like John Marco had told her to. I don't remember going to train station. I don't remember being on the train. Savannah's so sometimes emotions were you know taking over and I had to force her to go back and describing again the same hardwood seeing It's something that will link you forever..

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