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Why don't they exist and how one of the things we loved about movies was they root you in this specific place in this era. Like even we did cruising for the rewatchables and it's like we were in late 70s. Do you need packing district in New York? This is what it's like in this part of town and this world and this culture and we are now going to enter that and why hasn't movies about the last four years? I'm going to come out that have done that. I'm going to tell you about a movie that maybe neither of you will like and maybe most people listening to this won't like, but it just came out. It's not about like in the movies, so I'm it came out about a month ago, it's now streaming on who it's called stars at noon. It's an adaptation. It's Margaret qualley and Joe alwyn, who is a good actor who is Taylor Swift's boyfriend. Who's not bad. And he's a good actor. It's an adaptation of Dennis Johnson novel, which is set in the early 1980s in Nicaragua during the revolution, but the Claire Denis the director of the movie, updated the film to be set in the present day. And it's one of the only movies I've ever seen, kind of regardless of how you feel about the film that is honest about what the pandemic was like, which is to say that a lot of people in the movie are wearing masks around their necks and not on their face. And it was the first time I'd really seen a movie where I was like, oh, people don't even really care about wearing masks. And we're going to be honest about that. I have to wear the mask to get in through the door and the fast food restaurant, but once I get in there, I'm taking it off, and people won't tell me any different. And it was a very specific small choice in a movie that isn't really about the pandemic. It's just set during the pandemic. That felt similar to the things we talked about when we talked about blowout, where it's just like every little detail matters. So representing what life is like in this universe of creation matters. Of the present. And those modern movies, I feel like are operating in some sort of like surreality like what you're describing where you're in New York. I have no idea. Or we're in some alternate universe or we're in a comic book world or whatever. Did

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