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Out him. They get the fuck outta here monday. Because you ain't even lexicon get the fuck outta here. Welcome back to a little bit of lighter ending. Take to on my finale. Listen i'm sorry i. I hope that nobody is turned off by that. Actually i don't really care if you are. But the point of the matter is brandon. You know when things are handled the right way. They handled the right way. I respect that but when things and you try to set somebody up to look a certain type of way and you don't even showing the backlog to the whole story. I see the whole story honey. That's not fair you know and you don't get to do that to somebody and sometimes principle. You need to snap. The thing about me is i. Don't like to do the over social media or tax. I wanna see you face to face. I'm that person and that person is not that it's not even worth it it's like oh my battery's dying at ten percent. If everyone just heard don't you love a good blooper an episode before. We conclude this episode. And you know what brandon. Let me say this semi-public that's what being human is. You have to take the good the bad the ugly. You have to be ready to to advocate the yourself at all times and bullshit comes up and then you have to take all that and and learn from it and and keep spreading love. Because it's the brooklyn way when i die. I want people to remember me for my energy and for my contribution to this world in terms of energy whether they have been through dance performance maybe personal connection. I want people to say he stood in. His truth is a bad ass. Cool like authentic dude. He was perfectly imperfect. What would your legacy. What are you want. Our people think of me. I went to grand regardless of what he's been through. He's always fault and he's always mustache and he always plays passionate. I and i just want my legacy to be left as me. Never goes i mean. It's ball for african. That i wanted in regards to how many times are not. I can got it easing. You know what i mean. And i saw only that whatever you want if you put your lights and sounds so cliche but serious because i'm i'm amen amen. I want to three euros. And say i'm proud of you. I love you so much. Jaylo we love you. I love you and thank you for loving him and taking care of brandon. We want to throw jaylo his rose as well and thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this please. People go support him find them online. Take a virtual class with him on. He's a great dancer. Remember i used to always tell you you're really good dance but you just when you dance. Hit the move harder. Don't there's like you dancing with your friends remember. Always bam bam. They hit hard enough. She didn't love looking now and he's like world renowned choreographer killing and i'm like awesome. I'm sure that took that and then and did it. And you're living proof of when you when you're passionate about something and you put your mind to it and you put your heart and so and you don't let not whether stop you not shit. Stop schedule stop. You keep doing it. Your proof what that can lead to. This is going to open so many doors. I know it and you got your favorite artists. And i you know. I haven't spoken to madonna. You know what. I'm saying. Like i love you for that because i know what that means and i know what that feels like to connect artists that you feel like speak to your soul. I love you. I hope the world loves after this. And you know given with what i said. Last love always wins. Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves prayers answered. Thousand and twenty has been difficult on all of us even on even on my haters to. I'm not naive to that. Everyone has had a different type of day and we need to be aware of that. The goal is just to continue to be better versions of ourselves to just keep spreading love. It is the brooklyn way to all of the listeners. Thank you so much brandon salute king. I'm proud of you. Come back to the lounge for the next episode. Everybody and please don't forget to hashtag it. Most nouns podcast hashtag. Llp amman instagram. Find me on twitter now at lowe's lounge please. Let's connect everybody stay safe. It's on the lounge..

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