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Time ten twenty five. Now, WBZ in business news from Bloomberg, and here's a Lisa Parenti, rob. We have come back from deeper losses, but that's something of a surprise when you hear just how deep we still are in the red. The Dow is down three hundred thirty eight points or one and a third percent with the benchmark at twenty five thousand four thirty eight at the open the index was sinking four hundred fifty points. The NASDAQ is lower by one hundred seven points. Also a loss of one and a third percent. The composite at seventy six forty four the SNP losing thirty four points to twenty eight twenty two the Bloomberg WBZ 'em. Chicago index is lower by one and a quarter percent. Stocks are slumping on Wall Street and all around the globe, as the trade war between the world's two largest economies. Takes a toll a Chinese communist party's flagship newspaper published two editorials assailing US moves to curb. A handful of Chinese tech companies the boss of United Airlines says he'll be the first to fly on a Boeing seven thirty-seven max when the plane is again cleared for takeoff CEO. Oscar Munoz says once United gets the go-ahead from regulators. He'll be on the first flight in an effort to calm passenger fears. He says United would never fly an unsafe plain American airline CEO, Doug Parker said in an interview that American is bracing for short-term passenger anxiety about flying on the seven thirty seven max sharp is the losses are for stocks as even worse for oil crude future, slumping.

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