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So I would go. Ravens still want with Lamar Josh Allen still too with the Bills and Baker Mayfield three. And that's no disrespect to Cleveland. You know me? I've been leading the charge throughout the offseason that Cleveland was a guarantee was a lock. To make the playoffs. I wonder next year. Where we view Lamar Jackson. And if this time next year Was that maybe just a down year after the M V p season and now Lamar Jackson's back in that n V P conversation that will be very telling. Will still go with Lamar Jackson because you have a great coach and Harbaugh. You have just a great And a well run organization. And, yes, the Browns and Bills have made significant improvements. It's very close to being buffalo. I think on this poll question with Josh Alan, I'm still going to go with Lamar Jackson bounce back. For next season. So who wins the Super Bowl? First I go. Lamar won Josh Allen to Baker Mayfield, three. But it either the Browns of the Bills ever win a Super Bowl. Remote Cleveland remote buffalo. Gotta be in buffalo. They win a super Bowl. See my guy, Dion Dawkins. You already should know. I need some bar Bill Wings. Also see dirty, right? My guy Tyler Matic cabbage. And if the brownies here we go, Brown is here we go if they ever win a Super Bowl. That would be bonkers. Remember when the Cavs won You saw the video of the fan eating the horse poop off the ground. That was for a Cavs championship. LeBron If the Browns win a championship, who You see some nasty things that that celebration so Josh Allen 59.4%, according to the listeners. Lamar Jackson, 22.5 Baker Mayfield, 18.1, who wins a Super Bowl first. Come on back with the closing Bell first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio Update. We get to the tremendous Bob Buesseler. See, yes. Sports flag. All right, Jack For the second time in this unique NFL season Tuesday night, NFL football, the Ravens and Cowboys playing the game that was supposed to have been played last Thursday. And in a very 2020 like development moments before the game during warm ups. In fact, word came down the former Cowboys all pro Ravens receiver Dez Bryant, and tested positive for covert 19. So Bryant Had to exit the premises, says he's opting out of the rest of the season when the game is at the half and Baltimore leading Dallas 17 to 10. Lamar Jackson's back after being sidelined by Cove in 37 Yard touchdown run for Jackson and a touchdown pass to Miles Boykin 17 10. Baltimore leads it Halftime. The Eagles will have a new starting quarterback when they play the Saints on Sunday. Carson Wentz is headed to the bench jail and hurts takes over in Philadelphia. First former college team remains number one in the latest college football playoff standings. In fact, no changes at all the top four Alabama on top, followed by Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State, Ohio state's biggest regular season game. Will not be played. Ohio State Michigan, arguably the greatest of all the rivalry games, canceled due to the covert outbreak at Michigan Top 25 College basketball. Ohio State leads Notre Dame 86 85. With 22 seconds to play. Iowa beat North Carolina 93 to 80, Kansas. Over Great 73 72, Tennessee beat Colorado 56 to 47. James Harden back in Houston appears ready to report to Rockets camp after going through the testing protocol. Bob Buesseler..

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